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  1. Below is the response I received. I tried the fix, but no luck: We are sorry that you are experiencing problems. We would be happy to assist you in getting your Evernote running properly as quickly as possible. Please, perform the following steps: If you have any unsynced notes (notes with a blue arrow on the top right corner), copy the content of each note to your iOS Mail program and email them to your Evernoteemail address (do NOT attempt to email via Evernote). Check your Camera Roll to ensure that any pending Image Notes have been auto-saved. If not, use the built in iOS "Screenshot" function to preserve Image Notes to your Camera Roll. Uninstall Evernote from your device. Reboot your device. On a desktop PC/Mac, download the latest version of Evernote via iTunes. Connect your device to your PC/Mac and sync, installing Evernote via iTunes. Do not restore from a backup as this may simply restore the initial problem to your device, and do not install Over-the-Air from the Appstore, as this will leave behind cache files we are attempting to remove. Let us know if you still experience any further issue.
  2. I think it would make sense for you to have both options available. I'd hate to lose the new Lion look. Honestly, it's been a game changer since the UX is focused on the task at hand and the UI doesn't make your eye lose focus.
  3. Hi, I love the idea of hiding the notebook pane, thereby reducing visual clutter. There is one annoying problem with this at the moment, however. I would like Show/Hide to be 'sticky'. Right now, if I minimize the app with that pane hidden, it reappears when I access the app again. It seems like a quick fix to get it to be sticky. Hopefully you guys are working on making the selection more sticky!
  4. This script is pretty awesome. I love the fact that attachments move over to the note. Great stuff!
  5. Quick update on this issue. It seems that huge increase in CPU cycles goes away after a few minutes. I guess it was caused by re-indexing or something. All's well now!
  6. I just installed the beta on a brand new MacBook Air 13", top of the line configuration. The Air's fan rarely kicks on, even when I've got video running, but it did the moment Evernote ran. I checked CPU usage, and both cores were above 85%! The reached 100% and stayed there for a long time. Any idea what may be causing this?
  7. +1 for formal OpenMeta tagging, but here's something interesting... I was test driving Leap http://www.ironicsoftware.com/leap/index.html and noticed that if you do a 'deep' search for tags, it finds data elements (such as jpegs, pdfs, etc.) that were tagged by other applications. I first noticed because I did search for a company name in Leap, expecting PPTs that I had tagged for that company. Leap returned those ppts, but also other items. The breadcrumbs lead to the Evernote note where there were jpegs that the company must have tagged on their website. I ran this search several times, with other tags, and got very interesting results out of Evernote - using Leap. This isn't exactly related to OpenMeta, but I thought it was interesting. I suppose evernote could expose note tags in a similar fashion.
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