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  1. I like the Merge idea...I'll use that, until.... ....there's an efficient way to clip multiple sections of text and extract all text into a single Evernote note. Thanks Gazumped.
  2. I can clip the section but Evernote saves the section as a new note....any way to append it to the last note used? That would be a big improvement over C&Paste.
  3. Copy & paste from a web page to Evernotes is not efficient. Any easy way to extract web page highlights (using any browser highlighter) to Evernote? Or, if I clip an article to Evernote, is there a way to extract just highlighted text? Thanks Doug
  4. Jetfito, Thanks, at least initially, this seems to have been the problem. After using EN for years - this is the first, serious flaw I've run into. And the flaw is less about the software and more that EN/management didn't send out an immediate fix...or if they did, I missed it. I'd consider this a major miss - not a crash issue....lost data. If there is a know issue with recording notes (i.e. a user records data and that data is lost), EN owes users some type of notification. I suspect they know who has what version and sh/could easily notify users. I'm disappointed in finding this error, not receiving a notice....and now, I'll forever be checking to see if my latest changes were saved = loss in trust, wasted time.
  5. Update: it's worse...but I suspect it's easily fixed? Every note seems to be locked - I can't save any changes. I can make changes but nothing is saved. I was able to add a new note from the web Evernote....and this is strange, can edit, add text on the desk top....but can't add text back on the web version of that note....yikes!! I'm using the Windows desktop on an Windows XP machine.
  6. As a long time user I've never lost anything until yesterday. I clipped an article and added about 20 minutes of notes (typed text) within that clipped article. That text is gone - unfortunately there was some good material there. Interestingly, every text change to that clipped article is lost when I go to another note. Why, I don't know...but my confidence and ability to rely on Evernote went to zero. I can't afford that exposure or risk of losing text again. If anyone knows why....I'd certainly be interested.... Thanks
  7. How about a simple drag & drop option for ordering notes?
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