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  1. I, too, got this message on Web. When I tried to add more than 20 on my iPad, the error message says "You've reached the limit of 100 templates" I only have 20 of them! I think that Evernote might be counting all the failed attempts that I made on the web when I got the same, unhelpful error message as you.I've reported it, but no reply so far.
  2. Signing the petition. Reasons: I've been using Evernote since before there was a web version and, frankly, it hasn't improved - each release seems to get worse I'm fed up of having my workflow disrupted by rubbish changes that are ruining the front-end just because of some fad in the UX world That seems to want everything to look like a child's app - This release is anti-UX just look at the number of people's workflow you have broken! All the things in the list in your release notes that aren't being moved to v8 Your assumption that everyone who has a Mac carries it round with them and that this means you can downgrade the functionality in the mobile apps - total groupthink. Tags list crippled Lessons not learned from the disastrous web "upgrade"
  3. I have a similar problem - I can see the filter, however I can only see a random, pathetic subset of my tags in the drop-down. Starting to type a tag that is not on the list doesn't find anything at all. What is going on with this update -the whole thing has been a disaster from my point of view!
  4. Following today's update, Evernote opens but crashes immediately I try to do anything even rotating my phone, so it's actually worse now than before today's fix!
  5. As far as I'm concerned this is a downgrade and I feel like a car owner who has taken their car in for a respray and had the car returned beautiful and shiny but with the speedo and one of the wheels removed.
  6. No you are not the only one. So much has been taken away with this release - we are paying for an inferior product IMO
  7. The notes context and calendar options seem to have disappeared as well. I am fed up with this.
  8. I have asked for this feature before but I think that it must have been under a different forum. I think that Evernote should integrate features from the other apps that they buy - like with scannable. I would love to be able to just open Evernote and use handwriting rather than have to rely on other apps. Lack of this feature means that other apps are really leaving Evernote behind. Many of the handwriting apps are starting to offer note storage in the Cloud. I love Evernote and would hate to see it overtaken!
  9. Thank you for the opportunity to try the beta. I am still constantly having to switch back and agree with many of the comments here. My request is to bring back the ability to specify the number of rows and columns in a table - the current selector is way too restrictive at six rows. In the existing system, it's simple - I just have to fill out the number of rows and columns that I want and how much of the page to use - much more flexible!
  10. I should like to add my voice to these requests for the ability to hand-write or draw directly into notes. Before Evernote became the multi-platform note app that it is today, (when it was blue not green - yes I've been a loyal user that long ), it had this amazing feature on the early Windows tablets. It also had template notes for things like meetings, project plans and the like. I've just found a project plan template note in a blog article and it's made my day - now please, please, make my year and listen to the people on this thread - please add in the ability to write notes directly into Evernote for iOS like the Android App!
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