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  1. The entire system rests on the weekly reflection/planning. As a matter of fact, the impetus to start this project was my inability to stick to traditional Weekly Reviews (both Covey and Allen).
  2. First of all, to those who provided feedback on my first video... thank you! Based on some of the suggestions, I re-recorded the intro video, along with new slides, here: http://youtu.be/hN1qwOBxeM8 Additionally, I have added a second video, describing the daily review process:http://youtu.be/e1OWs3b1atc I'm hoping to tackle the Weekly Reflection/Planning video this week. As always, feedback is welcomed.
  3. As previously mentioned, I'm a family therapist in private practice and published author. I don't... can't operate "moment to moment". But as a solopreneur, I do have a lot of flexibility in my schedule, and this system is working wonderfully for those blocks of times when I can choose my activity. If it works, it works, no? I'm about to publish my second book (November), have a full private practice, two kids, a wife and compose for film. So far, the system serves my short/interm/long term goals quite well. I agree with you. Truthfully - I designed the system for my specific needs. However, because I've had quite a bit of success with it, I thought i'd share it with others. Thanks for your comments.
  4. Exactly - the thrust of the system is choosing - in the moment - the best thing to do, relying on your intuition, creativity and (ideally) an interest in crafting your narrative. But the daily processing of your Evernote inbox ensure things are up to date. Finally, I also do a weekly review (closer to Covey than Allen), where all unfinished tasks are looked at, and updated.
  5. Absolutely true - almost the opposite of GTD. Once the system is ready to be rolled out to a larger audience, I'm going to position this as an alternative to systems such as GTD, the Bullet Journal, etc. My "day" job is a therapist in private practice and author. When I need to see clients, these things are handled by my calendar. When I need to bring my kid to karate, that's on my calendar. Many other "things that have to get done" tasks are managed by triggers i.e. after the client leave, write the client note. As mentioned in the video, when I need to be reminded of something - a task, an idea, etc - it's captured by a quick note and sent to Evernote. I process all of my notes at the end of the day - adding tags for projects, checkboxes (for tasks), etc - so nothing falls through the cracks. Curious - can you give me an example of a "things that have to get done" that would be missed by this system? Thanks for sharing your thoughts DTLow.
  6. Having tried GTD (even shelling out my own $ to attend Allen's training), Covey's Weekly Planning and Mark Forster's "systems, I decided to create my own system. So if you: Have a flexible schedule Don't jive with "next action" lists and pre-planned calendars Enjoy doing things moment by moment, but... Struggle with procrastination Give this a try! All I ask is that you provide feedback, ask questions, etc. Thanks!
  7. Is there a plan to allow users to create templates (saving style, tags, etc) within Evernote? Or is there a way to do this now? If so, I haven't been able to figure it out.
  8. My hybrid of Covey/GTD from a couple of months ago: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=8043#p30579 However, to enhance the power of Saved Searches, I'm tagging my projects with 3-4 tags i.e. Podcast Consultant (Notebook) - Episode #1 (Note), tagged with "funny", "podcast", "project" Therapist (Notebook) - Client #1 (Note), tagged with "susan", "therapy", "project" For "waiting on" items, I remove the "project" tag, and add "waiting on" tag.
  9. Same here. I use it mostly for reference/reminders on the move In time, an article will appear poking fun at the inefficiencies of using smart-phones. The hoops people jump through (and the justifications they offer) to use these tools are incredible. However some companies are turning these liabilities into assets a la Google's Voice Recognition. Along with GPS, one begins to appreciate how the iPhone IMPROVES upon using a keyboard. I've been using Dail2DO with Evernote are receiving similar results. I can't wait for Apple to introduce a system-wide Voice Recognition/Text transcribing function. The sooner I can avoid using the keyboard, the better.
  10. Posted my system here: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=8043#p30579 In general, the iPhone, regardless of software, won't cut it as my portable GTD system. Why? 2 main reasons: 1) I hate using iPhone keyboard to enter data. 2) Evernote for iPhone takes too long to open, and entering/changing data is too cumbersome So I'm using a paper journal and Evernote to capture my projects, next actions, etc.
  11. Actually, my major projects are often my roles i.e. podcaster. And under podcaster, I have many sub-projects (each of them one note).
  12. In another topic, I posed screen shots and info regarding how I use Evernote as my 1StopShop for organizing my life. It's a hybrid of GTD, Covey and ZenToDone. More info here: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=8043#p30579
  13. I'm doing the same... actually, a hybrid of Covey/GTD. iCal. All other non-specific appts stay in Evernote. I remember the ol' PlanPlus days when I could do that. That would be a cool feature. And now, introducing my Covey/GTD/ZenToDone system: Each of my notebooks represent a role (Covey) in my life i.e. Husband, Therapist, etc. In this example, I've highlighted my "therapist" role. Each notebook/role has projects (GTD) and resources. All notes are tagged as "Projects", "Networking", "Resources", and/or "Waiting For". I'm not orthodox about GTD, so I don't tag every "action with more than 1 step" "projects". In general, my notes are either tagged "projects" or "networking". In this example, I've highlighted a note entitled "Alan", which was tagged as "networking". Each note (Project) has two elements: 1) Next Actions/ToDos 2) Information, updates, etc. In this example "Alan", my "next action" is "send cards/postcards". In the "notes" section, I include any relevant information (in this case an address) and updates. Why don't I use the "insert ToDo checkbox"? I found it superfluous for my needs. When I open Evernote, I can clearly see what "next action' I need to get done, and when I do it, I simply update the note with another "next action". On the road, I don't bother update Evernote with my iPhone (I hate the keypad). I use Dial2Do and send updated messages for all my "projects" straight to my Evernote inbox. A full screen shot of my "system": I've tried everything from PlanPlus, to Things (for Mac), to OmniFocus and Daylite. Somehow, Evernote provides me with the perfect tool to capture everything I need "to do" and remember. And it does so with simplicity and elegance.
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