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  1. The entire system rests on the weekly reflection/planning. As a matter of fact, the impetus to start this project was my inability to stick to traditional Weekly Reviews (both Covey and Allen).
  2. First of all, to those who provided feedback on my first video... thank you! Based on some of the suggestions, I re-recorded the intro video, along with new slides, here: http://youtu.be/hN1qwOBxeM8 Additionally, I have added a second video, describing the daily review process:http://youtu.be/e1OWs3b1atc I'm hoping to tackle the Weekly Reflection/Planning video this week. As always, feedback is welcomed.
  3. As previously mentioned, I'm a family therapist in private practice and published author. I don't... can't operate "moment to moment". But as a solopreneur, I do have a lot of flexibility in my schedule, and this system is working wonderfully for those blocks of times when I can choose my activity. If it works, it works, no? I'm about to publish my second book (November), have a full private practice, two kids, a wife and compose for film. So far, the system serves my short/interm/long term goals quite well. I agree with you. Truthfully - I designed the s
  4. Exactly - the thrust of the system is choosing - in the moment - the best thing to do, relying on your intuition, creativity and (ideally) an interest in crafting your narrative. But the daily processing of your Evernote inbox ensure things are up to date. Finally, I also do a weekly review (closer to Covey than Allen), where all unfinished tasks are looked at, and updated.
  5. Absolutely true - almost the opposite of GTD. Once the system is ready to be rolled out to a larger audience, I'm going to position this as an alternative to systems such as GTD, the Bullet Journal, etc. My "day" job is a therapist in private practice and author. When I need to see clients, these things are handled by my calendar. When I need to bring my kid to karate, that's on my calendar. Many other "things that have to get done" tasks are managed by triggers i.e. after the client leave, write the client note. As mentioned in the video, when I need to be reminded of some
  6. Having tried GTD (even shelling out my own $ to attend Allen's training), Covey's Weekly Planning and Mark Forster's "systems, I decided to create my own system. So if you: Have a flexible schedule Don't jive with "next action" lists and pre-planned calendars Enjoy doing things moment by moment, but... Struggle with procrastination Give this a try! All I ask is that you provide feedback, ask questions, etc. Thanks!
  7. I second the request. Though I'm much more interested in off-line viewing on the iPhone.
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