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  1. I'd like to add my +1 to the OP's post. I actually came here to see if Evernote has implemented these features yet. This is why I now use Simplenote + Notational Velocity. I lose some on the multimedia features, but my notes are safely encrypted on my work machine and the passphrase isn't save in the Keychain. My personal stuff is synced to my work machine still, but it's all but impossible to retrieve. I don't have any convenient option on Evernote to dictate which notebooks I do or don't want to sync to a particular machine. In my specific case, I do want my personal notebooks synced to my personal computer, but not to my work computer. I do want my work notebooks synced to my work computer, but not my home computer. I want all my notebooks synced to my iPhone, and laptop.
  2. Is it in the cards? A maybe? A definite no? A probably not? Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. Big mistake, IMHO. Tags are for taxonomy, not organization. Organization with tags resembles spaghetti. Folders are absolute and cleaner. Anyway, I'm another "I'd go premium, if EN had folders" vote. I'm ready to throw money at you guys if you fix this usability issue.
  4. I understand tags and nested tags, but they suck for my purposes. Great for taxonomy, not great for organization. I would prefer folder and notebook entities. Or notebook and subnotebook entities.
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