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  1. what is the limit on how much info can be stored in a sync'd account? not the ''monthly'' limit but the total data limit before having to move info from EN's server back to my hard drive?
  2. when emailing a note to my evernote account how do i get it to automatically tag it ?? currently once the note (photo, etc) has been emailed i go into EN and manually tag it any suggestions?
  3. i would like to know if it's possible to set up a feed into a note in evernote?? say to have it be able to update to date info from 'remember the milk'
  4. thanks that's what i've settled on more or less i use a 'new' and 'old' folder and that's it (the old is just the archive) i use tags from there, and that's it. the only feature that is lacking is a good way to make a to do with a way to sort by date and also work both ways on the iphone with that things would close to perfect!
  5. can anyone tell me how to get this new feature (making a note a 'to do') work?????? thanks
  6. anyone able to provide any good folder and tagging structures???? i've got a good list going and before i spend anymore time trying to figure out the best way to access and archive info i am looking for ideas.
  7. Would like to see the ability to add a due date to a note so it can be used as a ''to do'' or ''action'' item. I'm currently using tags to sort my to do's but there is no way to have them sorted then by dates. Thanks.
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