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  1. Guys, well done on your release, it's been great to watch the android client develop and finally make it to the android market place! You have released frequent updates and listened to the android community with feature requests and bug reports via this great forum. Other android developers could learn a thing or two from this model. Mike
  2. Excellent! As always thanks for the updates and of course we will feed back any comments to you. Mike
  3. I am running the same cupcake 1.6 build, using cyanogen 4.1.999 on a HTC Dream / G1 and can confirm that the snapshot problem does not seem to exist on this phone. I am able to take photos and type details in without the phone rebooting. Cupcake was 1.5, so if you're running 4.1.999 then that'd be donut, I believe. Mmmm, all these baked goods are making me hungry. I wonder if this might only pertain to the MyTouch. What sort of SD Card are you using, out of curiosity? Doh! Donut I meant, its been a long day I'm using a standard 2gb card which was supplied with the phone, type 2 is it? Mike
  4. Perfect! If there is anything I can do to assist with you in testing it on that platform, I would be more than happy to help. Thanks in advance! RenegadeScribe I am running the same cupcake 1.6 build, using cyanogen 4.1.999 on a HTC Dream / G1 and can confirm that the snapshot problem does not seem to exist on this phone. I am able to take photos and type details in without the phone rebooting.
  5. Nice! I'm liking what I've seen of the inbuilt notes viewer! Much better, I can actually use it to view my scans/image notes now. Great, thanks for the work guys. Mike
  6. Thanks. One other thing with relation to this. Sometimes the pending notes have the green 'button' to the right of them but I've seen them without? I'm not sure of the purpose of this button, maybe it only appears when there are more than a single note which is pending, does it allow you to toggle which note next gets sent? Mike
  7. Thats exactly the way I am using it at present. Capture only. It's far to problematic with the web view of notes/images and patchy data coverage to rely on it for retrieval of notes. With 2gb+ SD cards included with all android devices, afaik, it would be nice to have some local storage. Thanks Mike
  8. Dave, any update on this? The search facility is pretty useless on the mobile web version because of this. Well its not much use when you are searching a jpg or PDF. Mike
  9. Just had another one of these. I had to go into the pending queue and actually select it before it started uploading. No errors in the log file. Anybody else seeing these? Mike
  10. Hmm, I uploaded another photo note this morning, about 11:30am BST. I noticed just now it is still in the pending queue, is 17:30 approx. There were no errors in the log, last message was from 14th Sept. As I watched the note int he pending queue I noticed it start uploading, then it went? I've been in network coverage all day 3g/gprs and wifi. Just wondering why it has not retired until I went in to the pending notes? Looks like the GPS staying on bug has been fixed in this latest update Keep up the work. Thanks
  11. 1,000 apologies! You were spot on in your diagnosis. For some reason my wireless network at home had thrown the towel in and had no connectivity. Sorry for this. Not sure why they did not manage to go during their time on the cellular network though? can you let me know what I should expect? Will the notes automatically retry by themselves? I note from 13:23 until 16:03 that there were no failed attempts in the logfile? thanks for your attention. Mike
  12. Hi, I'm running the newly updated beta 11 release. Noticing notes/photos getting stuck still. I snapped a couple of photos with the app added a simple title and let them upload, only problem they didn't. That was a good 3 or 4 hours ago. I was in coverage with at least gprs at the time and soon after 3g. Now I am at home for 2 hours it has had wifi coverage. Here are some screenshots, I hope it helps.
  13. Thanks very much for the work you are doing! I'm finding more great uses for evernote now i able to upload notes and photos from the android client When you launch this to the market i'm sure you will pick up many new and rewarding followers! Mike P.s. YES we are looking forward one day to having a full native client!
  14. Now I am a premier user and not scared of busting my quota I am finding more and more uses for Evernote! I look forward to the day when the android version has some kind of offline/local storage mode. I too am often working in locations with little or no coverage, certainly 80% of the places I work have no 3g coverage! Perhaps this mode could make use of the SD card on android devices, hopefully the SD card will be something which will be included in all future android devices, I know that the HTC Dream, Magic and Hero all have SD slots and all come with a 2gb card, so plenty of space to play with. thanks evernote folks for what you have created thus far. Mike
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