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  1. Thanks for the replies fellas, I'm obviously new to this whole thing. So I authorized my computer and that seemed to fix it. I can download applications using the iPhone's App Store and via iTunes. Sorry for the false alarm! hehe
  2. Hi, First off, I'm from Canada (EH EH EH, yah yah, anyways) and I just got the iPhone 3G today. I've been eyeing this application for awhile now and, honestly, it was one of the reasons why I bought the iPhone. However, for some odd and extremely irritating reason, I cannot download this application via iTunes or via the iPhone's App Store application. When I try to download it using App Store, I get a message saying something along lines of "Your Apple ID can only be used to purchase things from the Apple Canada Store." When I use iTunes to download, it says something along the lines of "The application 'Evernote' was not installed because this computer is not authorized blah blah." Neither of these messages make any sense to me, nor do I have any clue why it would be giving it to me in the first place. Did Apple forget that they are distributing their iPhone to Canada now and to open the iStore borders between our countries? Seriously, what the hell? Please, I'd really appreciate anyone's help. Thanks in advance.
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