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  1. I'm not advocating for sub-folders or sub-notebooks against tags. I think they are complimentary. Tags are fantastic for topics, but sometimes information needs more structure (think of libraries - they use tagging AND categorization). Featurewise, sub-folders or sub-notebooks will not result in added complexity, as people who only use tags and finds them sufficient can continue to use their Evenote this way and it will still be simple (just forget about folders). E.g. we now have sub-tags. Does it result in more complexity? BUT for people who prefer to use only folders/subfolders or a combina
  2. This is the most important feature that absolutely HAS to be implemented! Time and time again I try to use Evernote 3 to do my GTD and keep snippets/notes but the lack of sub-folders or hierarchical notebooks is driving me crazy as a lot of info I collect is project based and I like to keep my projects and supporting materials in separate folders for easy browsing. Tags a great for search and filtering but I never liked them as a primary means of organization. Evernote 2 was almost perfect regarding these aspects. We didn't have online version and other features. But it was a pleasure to work
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