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  1. Fully with you on this hpilot. This is a basic feature which should naturally be a part of Evernote's featureset. I am a software engineer, so I have no problems using one of the suggested solutions, but it should be unnecessary. Evernote has allready provided the possibility to encrypt text passages, so it's clear that the need for protecting data i allready on the radar. For me, as a consultant, I often work on equipment owned by my employers. Oftentimes, I'm not even allowed to install something like disk encryption. The web version is an option of course, but the experience is not comparable. I cannot understand why a friendly request for highly relevant functionality cannot be answered in a friendly manner.
  2. Being a developer myself, I can see how this avoids a lot of problems. Unfortunately, it also hampers the User Experience seriously. I use Evernote mainly as a "Getting Things Done" (GTD) tool, that means for TODO lists, simple text messages etc. I really miss the ability to add things to lists (not having to add separate notes and merge them later at my computer), and to edit stuff. At the very least, I'd suggest you offer the following functionality (which would make me very happy): 1) Ability to check checkboxes, and have them saved (this does not involve any Rich formatting) 2) Allow editing of plain text notes, i.e. those that do not contain rich text, images, etc. (At least the notes that were created on the mobile device in the first place.) 3) Allow deletion of notes (for example when I've finished the task that the note described) 4) Allow changing the tags of notes (i.e. remove an @action tag and add a @waiting_for tag) Rich editing of course, will be more difficult on mobile clients, but the 4 points above will go a long way. You couldalso consider some simple text tags to allow for creating checkboxes from plain text messages, for example: [_] --> Unchecked checkbox [x] --> Checked checkbox Best regards, Bjørn
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