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  1. Besides the limitations and problems everyone is reporting with the new Evernote/Editor, I'm having issues with HTML content. I use Marxico to be able to write some notes in markdown (yet another big feature missing in Evernote), and it renders fine in the Classic Editor (so it also works with the current version of Evernote on the web version, as long as I choose the Classic Editor). But the new editor renders everything really weird: bullets on different levels of indentention are not rendered, plus all sorts of weird "effects". It's not only with notes synced through Marxico: other (older) HTML content also shows up weird. The HTML renderization seems to be buggy. Any known workaround? Any way to use the Classic Editor with the new Evernote, by any chance? For the moment, I went back to the legacy version of Evernote on desktop, I wish there was also an iOS legacy version - or is there? Thanks, Rubens
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