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  1. It doesn't surprise me that it requires something better than the built in MS mail client to get it to work. Thanks!
  2. Sorry for my delay in replying. I did discover that I had to go into the properties of each folder independently and select it for download. After that I was able to get the contents of the folder ONCE. A copy still remained in the inbox as well, however. And, once I deleted all the messages I could get them to re-sync into the Inbox (can't really stop them from doing that) but nevermore into the individual folders. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has this working using one of the other WM email clients...
  3. The WM client still doesn't store all the note data on the device but, yes, the data that it *does* store is on the storage card and not in main memory.
  4. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the mail client in WM6.1 or with evernote... I set up an imap account on the mail client for my evernote account. It connected fine and created all the notebook folders correctly but it is downloading all the notes into the main inbox and not into the folders. Is there a special setting for this? Thanks
  5. Ah, perfect. I did install it on the card so I guess I'm set. Thanks.
  6. I see that one of the new features for the Windows Mobile is the ability to store the content on the storage card. How do I do this? I don't see a setting for this. Thanks!
  7. Very pleased that the WM client is a real client!! (I was so excited about this that actually re-installed it on my TyTN II !!) It's working pretty well but I've noticed a couple of things: 1) Minor: In the user summary on the Settings page it shows Account type: Free when I'm a Premium user. 2) I have quite a few images amongst my notes that have text on them that I would need to read and there appears to be no way to zoom into the image. In the default size it shows the whole image but the text is quite unreadable. (This applies to the Windows PC client as well, actually.) 3) There is no way to view single notebooks. It's a bit cumbersome having to have to scroll through all notes when I really just want a certain category. 4) The thumbnail files are being stored in main memory even though I've installed EN on the storage card. Hopefully there's a way to move these (main memory fills up so quickly!). Thanks!
  8. Notes are displayed in the browser on your WM device, which may do a little HTTP caching, but I wouldn't rely on it. OK, time to rethink how I'm going to do things... Thanks. Well, I now have my WM device: a lovely HTC TyTN 2 and have the Evernote application installed but, quite honestly, I don't see why I would use the application when it seems I can do more using the web interface in the IE browser. I'm sure you guys are working full out trying to keep up with the requests for all the different devices you support but consider this another request for locally caching the notes on WM. I have a nice big microSD card to store the whole database on. Thanks
  9. Notes are displayed in the browser on your WM device, which may do a little HTTP caching, but I wouldn't rely on it. OK, time to rethink how I'm going to do things... Thanks.
  10. Every time I check in on the EN forums I see another request for a new feature ... including a few from me. I really feel sorry for the development team trying to prioritize all the requests and make them work in all the different platforms! As a software developer myself I know how difficult it can be to incorporate new changes into existing code in a timely fashion. Thanks for all your great work up to now! John
  11. How about the WinMo version? Sorry to be so scattered ... my current personal device uses PalmOS but I'm switching to WinMo. I also have an iPod Touch which I'm testing for work so I have an interest in mobile versions for all three... Thanks John
  12. Hi Dave When you say "Neither of the mobile clients synchronizes your ENTIRE account to your device" (caps mine) do you mean to say that some stuff DOES stay on the device? Text notes only, I imagine? John
  13. Hi Does the Windows Mobile version of EN store notes locally (so they can be accessed offline) or it is like the iPhone app where it has to connect to the EN server to display the notes? Thanks
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