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  1. Hello I am having the same issues. When I print to PDF, the content is cut off, the pagination sucks, bottom lines are usually cut off. I can print the same note five times, and the content will be cut off in five different places!!! Is Evernote not working on these types of things? I submitted a ticket to support, and they said that the expectation is an answer in 10 days. I am not understanding the fix that a few people mentioned (which is not really a fix). What legacy version? How do I go back to an older version? You mean I can install two versions of Evernote (I am on a Mac)? And if so, does the sync and database work seemlessly?
  2. Yes, is there a way to open not just another list view of notes, but just a note in its own window without the sidebar distractions? It would be ideal, when you open a note to a new tab, that that action does exactly like it does when you open a note to a new window.
  3. I just updated to the beta 2, which now includes Tab support in MacOS. Is there a way, when you open a note to a new tab, to just have the note viewable, like it does when you open a note to a new window? Looking for a distraction free way to edit a note without going into fullscreen mode and that allows me to jump through Tabs in EN.
  4. I have been having this same issue. My solution, only because I have an iPad as well, is to only annotate on the iPad version of Evernote. On Mac (with EN 6.10) I just view the annotated PDFs. I am not able to annotate on the Mac side, messes things up, sometimes creates a second note, sometimes a second file within the original note, but never allows me to annotate on both platforms. If this is fixed in 6.11 beta, how do you get the beta? NEVERMIND! I found it...and happy to see that it now has working Tabs!!
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