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  1. Yes, is there a way to open not just another list view of notes, but just a note in its own window without the sidebar distractions? It would be ideal, when you open a note to a new tab, that that action does exactly like it does when you open a note to a new window.
  2. I just updated to the beta 2, which now includes Tab support in MacOS. Is there a way, when you open a note to a new tab, to just have the note viewable, like it does when you open a note to a new window? Looking for a distraction free way to edit a note without going into fullscreen mode and that allows me to jump through Tabs in EN.
  3. I have been having this same issue. My solution, only because I have an iPad as well, is to only annotate on the iPad version of Evernote. On Mac (with EN 6.10) I just view the annotated PDFs. I am not able to annotate on the Mac side, messes things up, sometimes creates a second note, sometimes a second file within the original note, but never allows me to annotate on both platforms. If this is fixed in 6.11 beta, how do you get the beta? NEVERMIND! I found it...and happy to see that it now has working Tabs!!
  4. I also just started to put into practice the sharing functions....and I too thought that this was going to sync to my desktop client. Bummed when I found out that the only way to sync is to use the web interface. Is there any projection of when this feature will be ready? I am sooo waiting for this, and also will be very quick to go premium if this is a function. True syncing should get pushed to the desktop....working up in the cloud is not always possible nor is it always convenient to work through a web browser....I myself, much prefer applications rather than everything in a browser window.
  5. yes, good point. It would have to be a user option....depending on size of data it could be a problem. I use my Touch for mostly a Mac on the go for contacts, calendar, notes, etc...not so much for movies and music....but you are right...a user option would be good. ken
  6. I was hoping to see Evernote move to the iPhone platform -- glad when I saw it was up very quickly! Nice job guys!! Your are forward thinking A comment about the app. I am wondering if anyone else would see the benefit of Evernote on the iPhone to not just be a web app (a front door to access the data on the web)....but instead a full app that stores the notes on the iPhone? An example of this is OmniFocus. The app works on your Mac and your iPhone as full apps. Then it syncs (via idisk or webdev) the files (like the push idea). This for me is much more useful. I am actually using a Touch, not an iphone, so internet access is not always there. I want apps that I can run locally on my Touch. If this was the case for Evernote, I would have access to all of my notes with a device in my pocket even without wireless available, when it comes available, then I sync. Any others looking for this? Ken
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