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  1. Problem persists in 6.0.5 for me; restarting helps, at least temporarily.
  2. Hi - Sometime in the last couple of updates before Evernote 5.7.2 (for Mac, on Mavericks and Mountain Lion) the behavior of the font color palette (the window you get when you select Format > Show Colors) has changed. It used to be that the color of the current text selection would be highlighted; for instance, if you had a note with black text, and you clicked on some of that black text, the color palette would highlight the black color. Sometime recently this behavior has changed. The reason this matters is that I like to go through notes sometimes and change bits of text to a different color in order to highlight a sentence or paragraph. Imagine that there's a note with all black text. I highlight some of the text and click the red color in the font color palette -- the text turns red, and the red color box is highlighted. Super. Now I select some more text; but the color palette does not update to black (the color of the new selected text) but instead the red color box in the palette window is still highlighted. Clicking on the red color in the palette window does _not_ turn the text red, presumably because there is no change event triggered since the color palette window still has the red color selected. To change the color to red, I have to first select a different color, then re-select the red color. This doesn't sound like a big deal, and in most ways it's not; but the longer you work with it the more irritating it becomes to have to go through this extra clicking step, especially since the old behavior worked the correct way (updating the color palette with the color of the current selection.) It would be lovely if EN could return to the old behavior.
  3. Thanks, folks, for confirming that I'm not losing my mind. Agree wholeheartedly with this. I've been using EN for a couple of years now, heavily, with the result that when search doesn't work, it's actually less than useless to me -- not only doesn't it give me what I need, but it actively 'misleads' me. I've been lucky till now, I guess, in that I've just been reading through the notes, instead of needing random access to the salient parts of them. Still, I'm flummoxed as to how what seems to me to be the most fundamental kind of feature -- the ability to find what you've stored -- can be so buggy. I think the Alzheimer's analogy is perfect.
  4. My target info is plain text. That's not the issue. Try this: create a note with the following content (without the quotes): "This is a test of a bunch of boring text, and here's a bunch of other stuff, which is also boring." Go to the search box in the upper right-hand corner and type "bunch of boring text" (with the quotes.) EN will highlight the words "bunch" "of" "boring" "text" wherever they appear, not just the literal "bunch of boring text." In a large note, this makes it impossible for me to locate the text in question.
  5. In an Evernote note I have pages and pages of text. Within that text I want to find the exact string "goal priming" -- that is, the word goal, a space, and the word priming. Normally (in every other application) one achieves this by typing "goal priming" into a search box, with the double quotes meaning "search for this exact string." For some reason this pattern seems to not function in Evernote, which instead highlights all the instances of the word "goal" and all the instances of the word "priming." I've used several versions of EN, including the current beta (3.2 b2) I've searched (ha!) both the forums and the wider web, and turned up all kinds of posts on how EN search is broken in one way or the other, across various versions of the application, across various platforms. My sense is that search is a mess; but I can't quite tell if the mess is so profound that one can search notes by the latitude from which they were submitted, but one cannot perform the most basic search imaginable, and look for a literal text string within the body. Can someone clear this up definitively? Does a literal text search really exceed the technological capacity of Evernote?
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