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  1. Anyone else have thoughts on this? There is a forehead shaped dent in my wall currently. Thanks for any insight. --Joe
  2. I tried searching, and am surprised I didn't find any other threads on this. I have an Acer Iconia Tab a500. For some reason, they decided to name the SD card /mnt/external_sd/ and the internal memory as /mnt/sdcard/ Stupid, I know. The problem is that everything is being stored on the internal memory, and nothing is being put onto the external card. I'd really like a way that I can go into the settings of the android app and set a path to store all my offline notebooks. Currently my external SD card is useless because of this stupid naming convention. In the future though, I can see people wanting to be able to set their paths directly for organization purposes. Is this possible already? (Didn't see it if it is.) Can it be added? Thanks!
  3. I am not sure, actually. I will watch for it next time and can let you know. Currently I just leave the EN native app open, since it needs to be active for the web clipping to work. How frequently does it check for updates from the service? Thanks! --Joe Jansen
  4. Two things that I noticed using the windows native app vs. the web app: 1. The web app allows me to view thumbnails of my notes, but the windows app does not appear to do so. This would be an excellent addition to the native app, as that I how I prefer to view info. 2. I was trying out the text recognition portion by taking a photo of a business card and emailing it in from my phone. When it arrived, I could almost immediately do searches in the web app to find text embedded in the photo, which was quite impressive. I synchronized to the windows app, and it had to go through the process of indexing the image locally. This took quite some time to complete. Would it be possible, when sync'ing the data, to sent the index info with the image if it has been completed? This would prevent a duplication of effort. One other question on the text recognition, actually. The business card I tested has a logo directly in front of the business name. For some reason this prevents it from recognizing the business name. The website for the business has the obligatory www. in front of it. All of this conspired to actually prevent me from being able to search on the company name. Is there some way to be able to search for a partial string? ie: %Company where % is the logo, can I do a search for "*mpa*" and have it locate the partial string in the pic? Thanks! --Joe Jansen
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