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  1. Anyone else have thoughts on this? There is a forehead shaped dent in my wall currently. Thanks for any insight. --Joe
  2. I tried searching, and am surprised I didn't find any other threads on this. I have an Acer Iconia Tab a500. For some reason, they decided to name the SD card /mnt/external_sd/ and the internal memory as /mnt/sdcard/ Stupid, I know. The problem is that everything is being stored on the internal memory, and nothing is being put onto the external card. I'd really like a way that I can go into the settings of the android app and set a path to store all my offline notebooks. Currently my external SD card is useless because of this stupid naming convention. In the future though, I can see people wanting to be able to set their paths directly for organization purposes. Is this possible already? (Didn't see it if it is.) Can it be added? Thanks!
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