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  1. Great feature! When will the new version be on the Amazon Appstore for those with Kindle Fire HDXs that haven't hacked on Google Play??
  2. AutoEver would be a viable alternative, but I would much rather have it know what a completed reminder is rather than have to manually add a tag.. Maybe a future version, I see it was lasted update in March...
  3. I've just started a trial of using Evernote to replace OmniFocus and there is one thing I'm still trying to figure out how to do.. When I mark a reminder done (dated or not) it remains in the notebook it was in when I marked it done. I would really like it to move to a notebook I have named "Completed". I have looked at services like IFTTT.com but there isn't any trigger for it to monitor in Evernote... Anyone found a way to move a done reminder to another notebook automatically? If not, how about a feature request to Evernote? Thanks for the great reminder feature! Lee
  4. Ctrl-Cmd-V will create a new note from anywhere and paste what is on the clipboard.. If you're sitting in Safari, it will even grab the page title and set the new note title automatically. If you are running the Mac Evernote Clipper, it will even start Evernote if it isn't running. Lee
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