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  1. I do like Evernote a lot and use it personally, but find it hard to recommend to staff and students in my organisation because although features are called or setup in a slightly different way, Evernote is very similar to OneNote. Microsoft give Onenote away for free, and to our students and staff they have unlimited storage for free. Its a difficult sell, lots of money or free. I would love to see at least an option to sign up with an education institution email address and get a 50% for a certain time to get people using it, but at the moment, even if we prefer Evernote, its hard to justify using it vs free
  2. any idea when we might see this update for a better UI? Need any help designing it?
  3. Thanks Heather, really glad this is being looked at, it was turning me away from Evernote because it was turning into an unorganized mess! Ive been looking into alternatives such as ShoveBox which just brought an iphone app yesterday - I like that because its quick and easy to get into your differnt folders or organised stuff, my default things go into an inbox to organise later, and items can be sorted into the various folders on the iPhone and then they are syned back onto the mac. Trouble is, as good as that all is, Ive come back to Evernote because of the over the air sync, and being able to get to my information anywhere, anytime. What would make Evernote great for me is to either have the button to select notebooks thats ben suggested, or when you press the notes toolbar button, it defaults to a list view of the various notebooks. I would also like to be able to organise on the iPhone just like ShoveBox can. At the moment I have manually made an inbox notebook where I put things when im in a hurry, and then later I move the items on my desktop to the correct notebook. I would love to be able to do this on the iPhone. When we select a note to view, perhaps we can have an icon that looks like a folder where we can select what folder the note gets sent to? Im looking forward to what may happen, for me this would be the biggest improvement ever to Evernote mobile.
  4. Is nobody else after this? I dont think the UI for this is that great
  5. Im loving the iPhone app apart from the messy way of changing notebooks. Ive got about 15 different notebooks for different buckets of information, it was be nice if we had a good way of flicking between them.
  6. I also would love this. Im using a quick to do app in the mcac dashboard, but would love a quick post evernote widget. I then can press a button on my keyboard and quickly enter something. Thanks!
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