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  1. To each their own but I use subpages in ON all the time. When I'm making notes on a subject I don't like it when it runs on and on. So I use subpages like subsections of a document. For example, I use half a dozen different programming languages at work so I have to keep notes on the details of the features in each one. So say I have notes on how Arrays are handled in PHP for example. I can find the information faster if I don't just have one "Arrays" page on my PHP tab. So I have: Arrays As Maps As Stacks Set Operations If I want to implement a stack in PHP I can get to that info faster because I've called it out in a sub page.
  2. I'm with you with the feeling that EN3 could be made much more useful with a better tagging system, or perhaps hierarchical notebooks. I think that EN makes a great capture tool and quick note taker but I also feel the need to move important data out into a more structured data storage. Right now all my notes in EN are essentially the same importance. I don't really have a scalable way of structuring the data so that my most important data stays on top. I can create a tag for each important note so that there's one click access to the most important stuff but over time one note per tag doesn't really scale. Search isn't really very helpful either when I get to hundreds of notes. Eventually the note I'm looking for will have no unique word or phrase that I can remember. I try searching but often my search brings back too many notes. I wonder if evernote could work out a way to calculate relevance like google does.
  3. I haven't found the perfect solution either, which is why I still play with evernote and one note and others. I guess my most used note taking program is WinOrganizer but it's winows only and its not free. It does allow me to create note hierarchies and link notes to each other. It doesn't have the ubiquitous capture and syncing of evernote but at least for synching you can get part way there using dropbox or windows live sync to keep the datafile synched across computers. I'd like to drop winorganizer for evernote (or one note) but I find the flat list of notes doesn't work for me long term. If I have notes that I need to refer to frequently over time I want to put them somewhere where I know where they'll be - not watch it drop further and further into history, only recallable by some search. The search doesn't work because over time, as my notebooks grow, searches bring back more and more hits. One note is pretty cool but its hierarchy only goes so deep (notebooks - tabs and pages) and although it is apparently built to sync they do not provide a syncpoint for all one note users. You have to have a shared folder or webdav host. So I keep hoping some one program will combine the features I really want: easy capture, sync and organization so I can drop all these other ones. But now, thanks to you, my problem has gotten worse because I have to check out Zotero now...
  4. I think inherited tags allow you to do the same thing as sub-notebooks and more. Tags are more flexible than sub-notebooks because they can handle classifications that are not hierarchical as well hierarchical classifications. Sub-notebooks can only handle hierarchical classifications.
  5. If you clip using the firefox scriptlet you can specify the tags at clipping time.
  6. They seem to be unwilling to view notes as anything to be a collection of flat lists. I'd like to vote for a real tag hierarchy as well.
  7. I had exactly the same reaction. Letting you structure the tags so they display in a hierarchical manner when they don't actually behave in anyway other than flat was very confusing - and disappointing. I hardly bother with tagging in evernote as a result. When I have notes that need to be structured, I move them out of evernote.
  8. To me this stands in the way of evernote delivering the knockout punch. I cannot call off the search for the perfect note taking application and uninstall my other programs because I cannot reasonably express a hierarchy in EN3. For me, EN3 is great for notes of a linear nature. I use it a lot for journal kinds of notes. As a lab notebook to keep track of day-to-day progress. Or as a collection of interesting web pages or web snippets. This tends to be transitory data, most of which is unlikely to be looked at again after a few days. It's for data like that which doesn't have much inherent structure. I still find myself taking information from evernote, once I understand the info's place in my note universe and moving it into another program that allows hierarchy and arbitrary links between data. It's got so much right with it, it just needs to lose this google-ish "search is all you need". It's not all I need. My data has structure but I can't depend on remembering it and EN3 won't yet let me capture it. Like you, I'd like to hear of additional tagging strategies because, there just might be one that would do it for me.
  9. Thanks for the in-depth discussion. Sounds like you and I just want to use the product differently. I'll try to explain how I think your strategy falls short for me. True, but only because a tag hierarchy is not offered as an alternative as it was in EN2. If the tag hierarchy was offered, you could use a flat list and I could use the hierarchy. The way you describe is error prone and, for me at least, clumsy. You suggest And that's the problem. I need to remember my tagging strategy and implement it manually, for each note, rather than establish it in the hierarchy and have it handled automatically. Invariably, for some notes I will tag it Testing and not ProjectA or the reverse, because I'm thinking about Testing, or ProjectA and not how I decided some time ago I would structure my tags. Also, from my experience with other hierarchical note taking programs I'd be lucky to get away with one level of grouping. Under ProjectA I might have "UI", "DB", "Messaging" while ProjectB doesn't have a UI but does have "DB" and "Services" sections that have design, testing and documentation notes. How do I record what the structure is in evernote so that I don't have to remember my tagging structure. As far as I can see I can't record it (except as a note I guess). I can't use the hierarchy because "Testing" and "UI" exist only in one place. It would be far easier to describe my tagging structure to evernote and let IT remember it and then, when I want to make a note about testing in ProjectA, I expand the ProjectA tags and I'm reminded of what tags I defined as relevant and I just drag one single tag and all the rest of the structure comes for free. Everyone is happy - I get my rich structure, others that don't need it have their flat structure.
  10. I like the webclipper that appeared on the navigation bar and clipped directly to the local client. Is that still available? Or was it replaced with the bookmarklet? Any reason they can't both be offered? Strange, I updated my Vista laptop last week and Firefox 3 got the clipper. I just now updated my Vista desktop and I did not get the clipper.
  11. Well, I really hope it gets added to Evernote 3 - especially if it was in Evernote 2. I don't want to use Evernote 2 because I really want the online syncing of Evernote 3 but if I don't have hierarchical tags then all my notes are a flat list and that's really not very organized. Perhaps the place for evernote in a larger organizing scheme is just the temporary miscellaneous place where notes sit until being brought into some other repository that allows for greater organization. If the only reason for EN3 tag hierarchy is to collapse long tag lists they could just have an automatic folding based on alphabetical order. It really makes no sense to me to drag "Cooking" under "Personal" unless "Cooking" was a specialization of "Personal" and that notes about "Cooking" were also notes about "Personal" Also, the single namespace seems like a real hinderance. Like in my example, if I have design notes for project A and I want to keep them separate from Design notes for project B, without using the hierarchy I have to include ALL the organization in each tag. So design notes for project A need to be tagged ProjectA_Design and ProjectB_Design. Maybe I need to think differently about this stuff - I know that tags are not typically hierarchical. They're not in Flickr or Delicious for example, but data often IS hierarchical and Evernote does not provide any way to capture this structure. If tags will not be hierarchical, then I think Evernote should do 2 things: 1) Not allow me to make them hierarchical in the tag lists - it suggests a structure that doesn't actually exist. Use some automatic folding such as alphabetical list - or a search as you type mechanism for finding tags such as searching in iTunes. 2) Provide some alternate way of capturing hierarchy or parent/child relationships between notes such as Winorganizer or Treepad does. So far though, except for this issue (which is kind of a biggie for me) I'm really liking Evernote 3
  12. The evernote 3 Beta allows you to move a tag to be a sub-tag of another tag. However, the tags don't seem to behave as if they were related except in the way they are presented in the Tags list. I like the idea of hierarchical tags but I would expect notes tagged by a subtag to also be tagged by the parent tag. For example, I might have tags like this: ....Work ........Project 1 ........Project 2 If I make a note related to project 1 I'd like to associate the note with the Project 1 but have the note appear if I view the tag Work. Doesn't that make sense? Also I think sub tags should live in their own name space so I could reuse tag names as subtags of other tags. That would allow something like: ....Project 1 ........Design ........Test ....Project 2 ........Design ........Test So if I click on Design (under Project 2) I see design notes for project 2 but not Design notes for Project 1 and not notes tagged by Project 2. If I click on Project 2 I see notes tagged by Project 2, notes tagged by Design under Project 2 and notes tagged by test under Project 2. Is this planned for Evernote 3? Or is it there but I'm using it wrong? Without features like this I see little use for being able to have tags under other tags. Thanks
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