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  1. I'm sorry, but this evening's update to my iMac running Yosemite has resulted in a virtual whiteout! Perhaps Evernote is adhering to some Apple Yosemite conventions, but this is a major step in the wrong direction for me. Unless I can revert to a legible version, I'm afraid this is the beginning of a search for an alternative, after a considerable number of happy years.. Mv Cintra I managed to improve things to a just readable level by going to System Preferences/Accessability and disabling 'Reduce Transparency' and moving 'Display Contrast' to minimum. Both of which seem to be named the opposite of what one might expect.
  2. That might be a good thing as it turns out, as I and a number of others are, I believe, experiencing odd problems with 5.7.2 that we haven't experienced in years of Evernote use..
  3. Yes, you are right. I apologize for tagging on to your post in an unhelpful way. It caught my eye as one of the error messages I encountered yesterday was about the pdf file not being indexed..
  4. There are some weird things going on with syncing on my iMac running the latest version. I ended up exporting the note I wanted to sync, which contained a text file, a pdf, and an MP3, and importing it into my Windows laptop copy of Evernote, where it synced with no problems. Yesterday Evernote managed to 'lose' my 3 Local notebooks. How it could do that I cannot imagine, but after an hour or two of booting from a clone and exporting the Local notebooks of a week ago, then re-importing them into my current Yosemite drive, all was well but for a note or two.. i.e. Things are a bit hairy at the moment, and I hope Evernote manages to solve the odd problems, which have been very occasional in all the years I have used it. Sorry for rant. But it's a way of logging my problems.
  5. I have discovered that new notes are syncing up to the web OK now (not sure if my restart halped), but my resizing problem still exists with pages where I have not used 'simplify formatting'. Lucky to have a Windows machine by my side to try various things
  6. We clearly have different problems. Appstore and other apps are connecting fine here..
  7. Yes, my iMac has stopped syncing too. But I have not tried logging out.. Evernote 5.6.2 Further: Downloading sync works OK still. Its just not syncing changes on the Imac up to the web.. My Windows laptop is working OK.
  8. Yes, I've just come across this on my Nexus 7, and I don't want it taking over a note when all I want to do is add acomment to my note, not to the pdf attached to the note. Haven't found a way to stop this other, I guess, than uninstalling Skitch..?
  9. Its a long time since this question was asked and Evernote has come a long way since then, but.. being able to resize an image using the right click contaxt menu would seem to be something that should be put into place now in 2014..?
  10. The inability to resize text such that it is readable on my Nexus 10 is making it impossible to use the app. Perhaps a solution is more difficult than I imagine, but I would have thought text readability was a key requirement..
  11. I am surprised by how little information there is to be found on 'slow sync with Windows 8' to be found. I use Evernote on Macs, iOS, and Android devices with no sync problem. On a new Windows 8 PC Evernote is showing 700+ notes whereas I have 6000+. There is no sign of activity after pressing sync. I have de- and re-installed the latest version, and the results are as before. Signed Frustrated After more investigation there IS some activity, and my note count has slowly risen to 1000+.
  12. Well, I'm happy to report that this update to 5.0.3 really changed Evernote for me. Previously, loading Evernote took ages before the window appeared, as it worked in the background, but now its loading my 5000+ notes really fast
  13. I took contact with Andmade support and they advised me to contact Evernote Support as the problem occurs only after Evernote's last update. I tried support@evernote.com but that email bounced.. When I try to 'Fast Evernote Share' a Google Reader post using Andmade's Share app it produces an error report telling me nothing, but which is sent to Andmade. The symptom is that no share action occurs, ie clicking on 'Fast Evernote Share' produces no reaction. The snag is worsened by other sharing options seeming to be affected by this, which tends to be my first share selection. This is probably not the best place to expect a support reaction, but if anyone else is using Andmade's app it would be intersting to know if you experience the same kind of thing.. Mvh Cintra
  14. Thanks I have effectively done the same and am on the air again now By the way I couldn't find the Evernote/accounts/Evernote folder .. I'm on 10.7.5 here.. Mvh Cintra
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