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  1. Here's a workaround that's working for me in Yosemite while we wait for the fix that apparently isn't coming: 1. Hold down Command-Shift-Control-4. 2. Use the resulting cross-hairs to highlight the area to be clipped and put it on the Clipboard. 3. In Evernote, create a new note. 4. Paste (cmd-V) the clip.
  2. With multiple displays, all attempts to use the crosshair rectangle clipper result in a clip showing a section of the Dock rather than the selected area. Note this is a duplicate of a problem first reported in 2013, and posted with a subject line referencing Mavericks. I have reposted it with a new topic title to document that it's still there in Yosemite. Running OS X 10.10.1 Evernote 6.0.5
  3. It doesn't work in Yosemite either. When I try to clip with the crosshairs I end up with a clip showing a partial view of the Dock from one of the monitors. I did have this problem early in the Mavericks days, and then it got fixed. Now it's back. Using OS X 10.10.1
  4. Two bugs in 5.6.1: - When I use the Web Clipper, it captures only a picture of the dock at the bottom of the screen, regardless of where the crosshairs have been placed. This was an old bug that you fixed several releases ago relating to having two displays. It seems to have returned. - When the desktop is changed to "dark" mode (System Preferences/General/Appearance: Use dark menu bar and Dock) all the text and icons in the menu bar are supposed to turn white as the bar itself becomes dark gray. Your icon isn't changing, and so it's nearly invisible. (FWIW, the Dropbox icon is changing, so this function is available to 3rd parties.) Note we're talking about the black icon at the top of the screen; the green one in the dock is fine.
  5. This is petty much what's happening to me. I have two screens, stacked vertically. When I try to clip a section of a screen, I get a clip of the dock at the bottom of the screen instead. Have you had any luck resolving this? Does anyone else have any insight into this? Evernote 5.5 Mac OSX 10.9.1
  6. Not sure if this is a new bug, or a bug at all, but really scary: Installed the new Mac client and tried the new natural language search by typing "notes from last December". This resulted in a list of about a dozen notes that weren't what I wanted. So I held the Delete key down for a few seconds to clear the search field. And just like that, a dozen notes were deleted. This breaks down into two categories: stupid user, and touchy UI: Stupid user: - I probably clicked outside the search box before I pressed and held Delete. - I didn't know there was a Trash folder from which I could retrieve my notes. I thought I was ruined, but it turns out I was just given a good scare. Touchy UI: I can understand deleting a whole bunch of notes by selecting them first, but allowing the Delete key to erase unselected notes at machine gun speed seems like it would never be a good idea. As I said, I don't know if this would have happened with the old client too, but if it's a new "feature" I would suggest it be reconsidered.
  7. I've long relied upon CTRL; Timestamp on the PC. Can we get something similar for Mac (or is it there and I'm not seeing it)?
  8. Not to be cynical, but, "We'll add it to the feature list" is exactly what the support people said about this in 2009. It couldn't take more than an hour of a developer's time to add this very helpful functionality, which has existed in the Windows version for years, to the Mac.
  9. I've been a user for exactly 24 hours now, and I have to say that it's been a strange experience coming to this forum. It's like my first trip to Bermuda, in 1972. To me it was wonderful, but I kept running into old-timers who were lamenting the loss of the "real" Bermuda, before it was spoiled. Now I find myself doing the same with the new kids. I've been using Microsoft OneNote for several years, and my main problem with it has been the lack of cross-platform support. EverNote 3 is attractive to me because it promises to be as promiscuous as I am with regard to channels and platforms. I was able to learn its basics in a few minutes, and I have no interest in the lack of the complex strategies and capabilities that others are bemoaning. That said, I respect and sympathize with those who are facing the loss of a tool that's clearly performing a vital function for them. If I were running this forum, I would set up different sub-forums for people like me who see this as a new product, and for veterans who are strongly interested in preserving the features of the earlier product. Otherwise, I'm going to keep feeling guilty about enjoying what seems to be a very useful piece of software.
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