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  1. The good folks at Evernote just must not have RT as any sort of priority. I was really hoping that moving to a Surface 2 would fix the well chronicled issues with Evernote Touch on that platform. That is sadly not the case. I experience all of this issues chronicled in this thread, can't get notes to sync, crashes, etc... Also noticed last night that in attempting to share a screen shot of a Word Document to Evenote Touch on the Surface 2 that nothing occurs. Literally nothing. The screenshot doesn't appear in any Evernote notebook easily accessible on other devices. They should just pull the App until they get it fixed.
  2. Evernote on my iMac updated this morning. I am running two monitors. When I go to do a screen clipping it will automatically place the cursor box on the second monitor. After dragging it and stretching it over the image I wish to clip, the image clipped is still not what is captured by the dragged box, but is somehow way off the mark. The same is true with a full page capture.
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