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  1. Like everyone else, 8.0.1 for iOS crashes on both my iPad and iPhone. Deleting and reinstalling "worked" for me, but is painful (note synopses had to be reloaded). However, searching is now glacially slow and broken: searching within a notebook eventually (after waiting a while) results in a list of hits, with the contents of the first hit displayed. Looks fine, but everything else is broken. If I tap on the second hit, the note window gets erased, the second hit starts to be displayed, but then the window gets erased, and the contents of the first hit is again displayed. If I tap on other hits, evernote always insists on displaying whatever note is displayed at the top of the window. It turns out that, if you scroll the list of hits, evernote will always display the note at the top of the scrolled window, even if it's chopped off, when you tap on a hit. Searching from the search tab seems to work. (And the icon bar on the left side also partially obscures the number of cell service bars and the service provider name, which is a very unprofessional look.) Do you people actually do any testing?
  2. Not to lessen what you did, but there are much faster methods. The method I gave converts the json to enex in a few seconds, and using the enex to import 5000+ notes into evernote takes under a minute.
  3. In a similar technical vein, I wrote another ugly script to transfer starred notes into evernote: https://github.com/darrylo/stars2evernote This one tries to import the text/html, as well as any user tags. I've used it to import 99%+ of my starred notes. However, in addition to the things that Evernote can't handle (e.g,. embedded youtube videos), the one major thing it can't handle is tables -- evernote requires tables to have an explicit height specification, and most tables don't have that. If you have a note with such a table, it'll likely import, but will never synchronize (evernote will forever banish it to the Unsynced Notes notebook, and evernote will also delete the table, after showing it to you once). See the README.md for details.
  4. Well, stuff happens, and this is understandable. However, what is a bit unacceptable, is that the status page claimed that this was "scheduled maintenance", and that there was really no mention of this anywhere else (e.g., the blog), except here, in response to customer complaints. That's not good customer service.
  5. Could you please add a way for the other clients (web/windows/OS X) to mark notes as iPhone favorites? Using the iPhone UI is tedious and painful if you have more than a few notes (and I still like the method of using a designated tag for iPhone favorites 8) ).
  6. Nice, thanks! Perhaps you've already done this, but it would be nice if we could specify that all notes attached to specific tag(s) could be cached (tags are better than notebooks because they can span multiple notebooks). Specifying notes to cache via the iPhone UI would be ugly if we had a lot of notes to cache.
  7. Different sort options would be nice. I prefer sorting by create time, but sorting by title (see above) would be nice, too.
  8. You must live in an area with excellent wireless service, and not travel in airplanes. If you're on an airplane, you have no wireless service, and thus no access to Evernote. If you're in an area with poor to nonexistent wireless service, you have no access to Evernote. Not everyone is as fortunate as you are.
  9. Here's another vote for some kind of offline viewing/caching of notes. Given the potential size of the database, I understand if you're reluctant to do a full synchronization, but being able to cache individual notes or maybe (partial) notebooks would be useful. As it is, the evernote iPhone client is a potential replacement for the awful notes app, but the evernote client needs to have some kind of offline capability.
  10. OK, I know that Evernote can recognize text in pictures. However, what I'd like to do is to take pictures of manuals, convert them to text using some OCR program, and then put the text (not images) into Evernote. I know I could just upload the pictures to Evernote's servers, but (1) the pictures are large (3-4+MB) and my upload bandwidth is limited; and (2) Evernote's OCR isn't perfect. I'd rather not fill up my notebook with 3-4MB images when only a few Kbytes will do. Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced OCR program (<$200), if one even exists? Alternatively, perhaps the Evernote servers could make the image-extracted text available to premium users? I have a premium account, and wouldn't mind doing basic OCR fixup.
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