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  1. Earlier I used to scan numerous notes - just by glancing at the thumbnails. Cards are not thumbnail - their only visual aspect is text + part image iff there is one Cards do not help in reviewing notes. Now my way of scanning notes is to literally step through the notes --- which takes lots of time. I am very sure thumbnail was one of the great features of Evernote - till version 4. I request bring it back. All those who agree - please Like this post
  2. Want to report another issue in V5 I am unable to edit the url for notes captured from the web --- when I click dropdown button, instead of providing option to edit, it just takes to the web page.
  3. Thanks for the update. Highlighter is very useful But I find many useful features missing: 1. The shortcut bar at the top - it was very handy --- dont like the ways its now. The new method can be additional, but shortcut was really very useful. 2. The thumbnails are gone - and I am unable to make out the note just by looking at the thumbnails - really miss them. Earlier I could just glean through - but I have to read through, or get idea from image. 3. The new cards are too big. On my laptop with left panel removed, and note window reduced - I can just see 6 card. Thanks Vikram
  4. Been user of EverNote for years now. Just downloaded Evernote 5. Good to see updates - but missing - the true thumbnails of the notes - I could make out so much more from the thumbnails ... but now they are just text, and image - also the ability to grow or shrink the size of thumbnails is gone Not happy. - Even the cool and ready to access shortcut bar is also gone. Furthermore, the card is too big for laptop - I can only see 6 of them, even when don't have left panel open (and notes panel is reduced much) Not happy. Vikram
  5. My Evernote database is about 600 MB - so won't be able to use Evernote on mobile. I wish Evernote stored its database on external card - like many other apps.
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