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  1. agree, please make it work like it was before the update.
  2. Yeah we definitely need Evernote to address whether or not encrypted data is stored locally too. That's for posting that.
  3. As an Evernote user who does sometimes store sensitive information in Evernote (by encrypting specific text), I would like a response from Evernote regarding this. A high profile investor in the cryptocurrency space was recently hacked ($2M USD worth). He mentioned that he did store his private keys in Evernote - but - that this information was encrypted. Based on his story, he claims that somehow someone with access to his email account was somehow able to reset his Evernote password (based on my understanding) and somehow gain access to his encrypted notes too: " I thought I was safe storing my private keys on Evernote because I encrypted them but clearly that didn’t help. I did have 2FA on my Gmail with the authenticator app but that didn’t help because my recovery email address was my college email and there is no 2FA on that. Once the hackers had access to my Gmail, they basically had access to everything" http://ianbalina.com/ian-balina-hacked-2-million-ama-live-stream-w-notes-april-24th-2018/ What I'm not clear on - is even if someone resets your Evernote password and accesses your notes, this shouldn't give them access to any encrypted information, because that is encrypted separately and as far as I know, even Evernote should not have the ability to even know your encryption password. Am I correct, or does Evernote's systems store your encrypted password somehow? I think this is important for everyone to know. If the above person's story is inaccurate then it would be good for Evernote to confirm this, as otherwise, Evernote security looks quite bad here if something like this could really happen.
  4. Good call, I just revised my Google Chrome Web Store rating for the plug-in to 1 star with an explanation of why. Hopefully that gets someones attention.
  5. I noticed today when clipping something that I am no longer able to search for a notebook. I have to now scroll through my entire notebooks like. Why was this feature removed?
  6. Ok wow, Evernote - you guys REALLY need to allow us to lock our UI. This is a problem in the Windows client version too, but wow in the web version on a tablet it's terrible. I logged into the web version today from a tablet for the first time, and was trying to scroll through my notebooks list (on a tablet, so have to drag the notebook list pane up/down, and I kept accidentally moving things around. On a PC this doesn't happen because I use my mouse and mouse scroll wheel. But now I have to look through a bunch of notebooks to find where I screwed up and moved things too.
  7. I'm copying some information from OneNote (which consists of text and images) When I paste it into Evernote it pastes as one large graphic. I'm sure the text is real text in OneNote as I can highlight it. I don't know why it's pasting as a graphic in Evernote.
  8. Just about every time I paste a screenshot into a note, I'm then sent up to the top of my note. Very annoying when I'm in a long note as I then need to scroll down to where I was. I assume this is some kind of bug?
  9. Hope that means it will be avail for Windows users soon too.
  10. Seriously, this needs to get added to Evernote. I can't believe it isn't already supported.
  11. That's fine if a global search searches the content of those PDFs. My original issue was that in a search from inside the note, it was very difficult to find what I had noted (as notes in the note) since the terms I was searching appeared in many places in the PDF(s). Once I make them as attachments instead of Inline, the in-page search didn't look in the PDFs which is good
  12. no if the PDF is inline, and I to a CTRL-F to search for something in my note, it also searches in the PDF(s). As an attachment instead of inline it ignores the PDFs.
  13. ok thanks, so I do have it as inline. And thanks that fixed it, if I put them as attached instead of inline my search queries ignore the PDFs
  14. Not sure the term, I have the PDF in the note, where only one pages shows at a time and I can go forwards/back, etc (not sure if that is attached or embedded maybe I used the wrong term when describing it)
  15. Is there a way to exclude PDF content when searching? For example, I have some notes where I embedded a PDF ebook (example, a book on a programming language), and in the same note further down is where I add my own notes, clarify concepts, etc. Sometimes I want to jump to a part of my notes where I wrote something, but the problem is (even if put my cursor UNDER the embedded PDF), it still searches the PDF which of course had hundreds of pages on what I was searching on.
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