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  1. Thanks Mike, manually typing in stack:<name> works :) - but I think we can all agree this is not intuitive. It used to be that if you were already "clicked into" a stack it would default to searching that stack. This should be re-implemented or at least add "Stack" to the filter options, as there is no way to otherwise search in a stack unless you know the secret method of manually typing in stack:name in the search box.
  2. The more I use the new version the more I hate it. Something that used to be easy and instant is now multiple steps, or in this case it seems, not possible at all (unless I'm missing something) I organize my notebooks in "Stacks". For an easy example, let's say I have a stack called "Recipes", and then under this stack are my notebooks, which in my case I separate out by diet types as I tend to switch my eating plan often. So I have STACK: Recipes and Notebooks: Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb, etc.. Well I used to be able to search through the entire stack at once. Like if I'm looking for a recipe that involves "spiralized" veggies, I might have recipes in multiple notebooks. But in the new version of Evernote I'm unable to find a way to search all the notebooks under the recipe stack at once. Seems I have to go to FILTERS and then select ONLY one particular notebook only (and I can't even start to type the notebook name to find it I literally have to scroll down to find it manually) So is there a convoluted way to search all notebooks in a stack or has this functionality been completely removed?
  3. Yeah we definitely need Evernote to address whether or not encrypted data is stored locally too. That's for posting that.
  4. As an Evernote user who does sometimes store sensitive information in Evernote (by encrypting specific text), I would like a response from Evernote regarding this. A high profile investor in the cryptocurrency space was recently hacked ($2M USD worth). He mentioned that he did store his private keys in Evernote - but - that this information was encrypted. Based on his story, he claims that somehow someone with access to his email account was somehow able to reset his Evernote password (based on my understanding) and somehow gain access to his encrypted notes too: " I thought I was safe storing my private keys on Evernote because I encrypted them but clearly that didn’t help. I did have 2FA on my Gmail with the authenticator app but that didn’t help because my recovery email address was my college email and there is no 2FA on that. Once the hackers had access to my Gmail, they basically had access to everything" http://ianbalina.com/ian-balina-hacked-2-million-ama-live-stream-w-notes-april-24th-2018/ What I'm not clear on - is even if someone resets your Evernote password and accesses your notes, this shouldn't give them access to any encrypted information, because that is encrypted separately and as far as I know, even Evernote should not have the ability to even know your encryption password. Am I correct, or does Evernote's systems store your encrypted password somehow? I think this is important for everyone to know. If the above person's story is inaccurate then it would be good for Evernote to confirm this, as otherwise, Evernote security looks quite bad here if something like this could really happen.
  5. Just about every time I paste a screenshot into a note, I'm then sent up to the top of my note. Very annoying when I'm in a long note as I then need to scroll down to where I was. I assume this is some kind of bug?
  6. +1 Bump for the image resize feature. This isn't "re-inventing the wheel" as one reply stated, it's basic/core functionality that almost all WYSIWYG editors have. Is it that hard to enable us to click an image and drag a corner to resize it?
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