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  1. I know a CRM is better than Evernote for... ...well, managing customer relationships but anyway I want to ditch my old, big, unused CRM and make ever present Evernote my brand new contact manager. Any tips, ideas on how to's, setup configurations, tags, email handling, linking, will help a lot. My current initial setup: 1 new Notebook called CRM The note title will be the contact name and title A 10 row 2 column table for contact info like phone, email, address After the table and sorted by date are the activities with the contact: links to emails, comments, meetings, phone calls, An exported .enex note template ---like a form--- stored locally that I can re-use everytime a new contact is needed Tags: Not many implemented yet, just the usual: Client, personal, prospect, Thank you for your comments, very much appreciated!
  2. Only notes content or bodies, not titles are getting deleted, they don't "dissapear" it is an Evernote bug. It is not our imagination or clicking the delete key accidentally. You want steps Mr. J., here you go: 1.- I copy a note link 2.- I CLOSE, QUIT Evernote 3. I paste the note link in an external app, in this case a plain and simple address book for mac. (In the web site field so it has an active web link). 4. I click on the web link in my app 5. Remember Evernote is closed 6. After clicking the link, Evernote opens and.... 7... The linked note opens with no content or body or text in it!!!!!! Gone, Zip, Nada Is it clear or you want more reliable reproduction steps? I am premium and the note history didn't helped to bring my content back. IF Evernote is NOT closed when clicking the app web link, it will NOT delete the content of the note.
  3. When checking for upgrades in my 5.0.4 version, EN says there is no upgrade available. Should I wait for En to post the upgrade inside EN? Should I download new version posted by Jack... here at the forum? Should I wait for new version to be posted in Mac app store? Please advise Thank you.
  4. I am perfectly comfortable with my Version 5.0.2 (12/03/2012) build 400649 Evernote system of 2765 notes 1 notebook, no tags. No problems at all!!! Works wonders!!! Will I upgrade to 5.0.3? No way, not in 15 days, maybe by Christmas they'll have all the demons out...
  5. One word on this new build: Beautiful Following EN guru GrumpyMonkey advise some months ago I use only 2 notebooks: 1 with 6 subnotebooks (20 notes total), and my main notebook with 3,000 notes. I use NO tags, result: No problems, no errors applying tags, faster input of notes, no wasting time thinking which tags to apply. NO hassle!!! Speed!! Only rule: consistent keywords in the notes titles. All notes have at least 3 keywords in the title and a date at the beginning eg: 121119. My method is like Evernote version 5.0: minimalist, fast and simple. Works wonders!!!!!
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