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    I really don't understand how this update was even possible. It just speaks so loudly to the complete and utter disregard to the customer base for Skitch. I don't think I have ever been this disappointed and truly angered by a developer. This came out of nowhere. Yesterday, I'm working very efficiently on images for our Web site, and today I log on and literally ALL the features that matter to us are gone. LITERALLY. No drag to resize. No ability to export to another format. No ability to drag to crop. No fill I mean these are "core" features are they not? One of the major selling points was, "look how easy it is to crop, resize, and export". The speed of use. All of that is gone? And for what? So it looks more like the iOS version? This is actually souring me on Evernote as a company. Who know what they'll do to Evernote? Maybe they'll decide to stop allowing PDF and only use their own file format. It's crazy, but so was this. We've all seen companies do dumb things in products, but I've never seen anything like this. It's really Skitch in name only. What made Skitch Skitch is gone. The only consolation is that you can still download the old version around the web and from their site... for now. Skitch 1.0.11 http://bit.ly/RvFw08
  2. But, I love Evernote. Am I alone here? Just give the ability to create sub-folders and I'm happy. I mean - I get tags, I understand there use - I just don't see them as an effective way to sort through information. It may be that I just I hate the fact that I can't remember if I tagged something for work, or receipt, or computer, or amazon... whatever. Please, can't you give sub-folders. PLEASE? Thank you.
  3. I keep trying to sen images from my WM5 device and all that appears in Evernote is the text I type. The image is nowhere to be found. Why doe sit keep stripping the image attachments?
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