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  1. Hi All, I have Samsung note 3 android phone and use the SNote application to take written notes fairly often. My SNote application is connected to my android evernote app which does a great job at syncing my snotes into evernote. Recently I installed the Windows version of Snote and found that it could be synchronized with my evernote snotes. However, while in the windows app, my evernote authentication fails. I believe this is due to my two factor authentication settings. Are there any work around to get this running? Thanks, Bryan
  2. I am also try to use a stylus on my Dell Venue 8 Pro and experiencing some issue. It normally start ok, but my palm seems to trigger touch inking at some point so the lines go crazy. Granted there are some issues with venue 8 pro's stylus, I think this issue is being caused by evernote switching between stylus inking and touch inking. Is there a way to disable the touch inking capabilities and use exclusive stylus input for ink notes?
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