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  1. Check out the new mac notebooks. I cannot recall the model, but it will run windows xp or mac os x. When you turn it on it ask you whether you want to run os or windows. I guess you can now have your mac and windows to. It will not be long before they figure out how to make the two talk to each other. Some reports say the mac runs windows faster.
  2. Same here. I still use a T2, and when it dies I will most likely go the one of the treo's with the palm os. I just like it better.
  3. I can load a whold page. I launch the universal clipper, then highlight the whole page, and right click and click on add to evernote. So far no problems. Evernote 3 is running in the background.
  4. Remember when Palm was a big company? All kinds of pda's for different users. Now unless you want a smprt phone you can count palm out. I like tagging. I also need encryption that I can turst. Onenote gave me that, but at 99 bucks on sale a little pricy. I think evernote should give a basic 3.0 for a fair price for the non power users, and a pro version will all the bells from 2.2 for the power users. I have said it before, make a program I like and I will pay the price. I know one thing, in this business if you wait too long to put out a great product, some one else will, and there goes the customer base.
  5. Same concerns here. I am using the beta offline and turned off the sync. I have job telephone listings that have personel cell numbers and emergency contact numbers. I would like to add them to the beta, but just a little worried. On another note I know you will add templates in the far future, is there a way to add date tags. I hate to say but the templates made using evernote easy. I can still type dates in, but that is a lot of typing. Just a thought. Thanks
  6. Everytime I see the "I want my templates" It makes Evernote plus look better and better all the time. I am willing to give the power to be time to see what the beta brings, but If you have the old installer prior to 2.2 it will give you back your templates and any old custom templates. You know the old saying . Don't fix something that ain't broke. I just feel the templates were a good thing of evernote. That is what made me go for the program, but I still have a very open mind.
  7. I have been using evernote for some time. I really enjoy the program. I am not a power user, and when 2.2 came out, there went the custom templates. It was just a hassel to try to make them work in 2.2 so I thought about going back to evernote plus. Still had the installer. I am giving 3.0 a try, and running it parallel with 2.2. I know it is early, but sure miss the custom templates. They help me keep track of time and money. Neve had a problem with the clipper in plus, or 2.2. One thing about this company is the free program is really nice. May be in hind site they should have charged a small fee for the free one after the trial. Like anything new it will take getting use to, but once you do, it should be a great program. If the new program will fit my needs, and have the bells and so on. I will buy it. Lets hope the company really listens to feed back.
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