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  1. As a new user, I thought I might as well throw in an unsolicited opinion that Evernote 3 retain (or improve upon) the ability to link to notes or local system files. It's absolutely critical to me. A much better solution would be if files (PDF, word docs etc.) could be attached to notes, like you might see in an e-mail program. My workflow involves the creation of content, which I hoped to manage with Evernote, but since I need to somehow link my sources of information (which isn't just Web sites) to the notes, Evernote 3 doesn't do me much good. I'll note that since you all are planning to eventually implement premium pricing (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=5988)... Attachments would be a good way to create a demand for more space! Otherwise a strong program, keep it up.
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