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  1. Well over the past years I have migrated away from some Google products. I no longer use Chrome as my default browser as I did not like the approach Chrome devs were taking towards my security and privacy regarding several aspects of Chrome. Their dev team over the years have shown a take it or leave it attitude when several users of Chrome protested changes and Google denying requests to implement an ability for end users to disable the feature.

    I have also stopped using Google+ after using it since its inception. Google seems to take lets see if it sticks to the fridge approach to their software and other products. Putting all one's eggs in one basket is not a safe thing to do as they may get scrambled.

    Not being able to have the data in question encrypted on the server and to have Google holding the keys is something I will have to give a fair amount of thought. Thankfully I do not store any really sensitive information on Evernote unlike some people I know do.

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