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  1. What also has me concerned that under Does Evernote Share My Personal Information or Content? https://evernote.com/legal/privacy.php?2017-update There is the following "We do so in connection with the sale or reorganization of all or part of our business, as permitted by applicable law."
  2. Well over the past years I have migrated away from some Google products. I no longer use Chrome as my default browser as I did not like the approach Chrome devs were taking towards my security and privacy regarding several aspects of Chrome. Their dev team over the years have shown a take it or leave it attitude when several users of Chrome protested changes and Google denying requests to implement an ability for end users to disable the feature. I have also stopped using Google+ after using it since its inception. Google seems to take lets see if it sticks to the fridge approach to their software and other products. Putting all one's eggs in one basket is not a safe thing to do as they may get scrambled. Not being able to have the data in question encrypted on the server and to have Google holding the keys is something I will have to give a fair amount of thought. Thankfully I do not store any really sensitive information on Evernote unlike some people I know do.
  3. There is a extremely frustrating issue in the Web Clipper extension in Firefox when used on Mac OSx. The addon prompts you to login but the password field refuses pasting in of the account password. I use Lastpass for all my passwords and have complicated passwords. Having to type in in manually is extremely frustrating to say the least!
  4. I have done several tests and the search capability is not usefull. I tried numerous times to search notes after printing as well as writing text and a vast majority of the time Penultimate on iOS failed to find any occurrences of the search text.
  5. Ok thanks. I usually use the Web or iOS clients rather than the stand alone app but may give that option a shot. Thanks again for the tip.
  6. Why are you creating all these useless tags? I simply don't create useless tags. No problemo. These so called useless tags were from notes that I created over the last 4 years. The notes were no longer wanted/needed and were deleted leaving the tags behind.
  7. Sigh oh well good thing I do not use Evernote regularly as I would hate to have even more useless tags than I already have.
  8. I upgraded the iOS version today and discovered that I have pages and pages of tags that have 0 notes. Why is Evernote keeping all these empty tags around rather than deleting them.
  9. What is the reasoning of having the Cancel and OK buttons' position on the prompt window when you are deleting items? I have lost count how many times I have selected a series of items to delete and clicked on CANCEL by force of habit, since OK usually precedes a CANCEL button on a windows GUI. Also frustrating is that the website constantly refreshes and loses the check marks in selected items I wanted to delete.
  10. Could not figure out why the most recent version of Evernote Beta would not syncrhonize properly until I realize it was trying to use the proxy I had running. There is no where in Evernote, as far as I can tell, to enable/disable it from using a proxy.
  11. Have bite the bullet and installing Comodo firewall.
  12. Happened again and this time I noticed like before the Evernote icon was not in Systray. However I was still able to start Evernote and noticed that it was attempting to authenticate. Like before the computer had to be rebooted to regain control.
  13. When this happens the application is not suppose to be running. It does not show in my system tray and I only discover it because of system problems and find it in my tasklist and discover EVERNOTE.EXE is running for some reason and using all these CPU cycles. The application window opens and I see nothing out of the ordinary, however at the time as a I indicated above I was had no idea Evernote was running, since it is configured NOT to start on bootup. I was performing some other task and wasnt even using Evernote.
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