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  1. Hi DTLow, I figured they are there but guessed they aren't attached to the notebooks. Is there an easy way to grab all that were in a specific notebook?
  2. Is there a way to get back to where I was a couple weeks ago even though I didn't manually do a backup? I've deleted a couple of notebooks that I thought I had elsewhere and backed up and cannot find them now.
  3. I have the same problem with some variations. Some note images display but if I copy them out of Evernote they become links. Some note images display and copy out fine Some note images display on the desktop and on the web look like links Some note images don't display and just show links.
  4. Yea pretty great tool. It's been gone for a LONG time, but that being said there is still an active support group and team here http://www.compusol.org/ecco.html
  5. OMG Ecco was the best. There is still nothing that comes close. Think about how good Evernote could become if it had the outlining and intranote relationship ideas from it.
  6. Interesting that Cloud Outliner doesn't work in the cloud! I don't have a Mac but it looks pretty nice. I'd really much rather it just be embedded in Evernote though! Thanks,
  7. Thanks. Done. Wow. People asking since 2011. Guess it's not on the roadmap.
  8. We have numbering and bullets. It would be way cool to be able to collapse, expand, and move around branches of information a la an outline.
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