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  1. When I originally wrote I had changed the default on the computer and synced both sides but it wasn't taking; I checked the next day and it had. So I guess that I can live with that for the time being, but I really hope that we can get the option back because being able to have different default notebooks for each device was a great feature; pictures, to-do/shopping lists, etc. on my mobile, writing on my personal system, thoughts about work on my work related system (I have multiple computers), and so on, without having to fuss with options when I just want to take a quick note. I'm always mis-placing notes otherwise.
  2. First, I hope you all won't hate me for asking. :oops: I did look around, both in the forum and in the help, but couldn't find anything. I also looked through the app as thoroughly as possible. I'll admit, though, that I'm in a bit of a hurry. Is there a way to set the default notebook that the Android app auto-selects when you tap New Note? Right now it's selecting one that I would probably never write to from my phone. You used to be able to do this in older versions, but I'm just not seeing the option now. I'm also using the PC version, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!
  3. Then I guess the question is why isn't mine automatically uploading, and where are the options for changing the upload schedule etc?
  4. I'm using Evernote on XP, Vista, and Windows Mobile 6. With this latest version, it seems that the option to automatically upload pictures taken on my phone is gone. I see I can create a new "Snapshot" note or upload individual files, but I don't see the option we used to have that would automatically detect pictures taken and upload them to my notebook. Is this now only an option for premium users, or am I missing something? I don't take many pictures, so I don't expect to exceed my quota.
  5. I was thinking of the same thing. I would think that this could be very valuable for business users. I would love to see collaborative notebooks that could be made public, too. An online community that I am active in was thinking about a collaborative project at one time that Evernote would have been otherwise perfect for. If you could add a public collaborative notebook to your account, then it would make it really easy and convenient for online communities to make a searchable compendium of information about the subject of their interest/hobby/obsession and without having to deal with the technical stuff involved with setting up a web app. Evernote could then also create a directory to encourage visitors to stick around (and see what all Evernote can do), and once Google indexed the public notebooks there would be lots of new traffic. Something like that may already be in the works, but I thought of it some time ago and it just got my imagination running. This version of Evernote has a lot of potential.
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