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  1. I guess I'm the first. I took a quick spin around and seems Evernote has held up reasonably. Thought for sure the text editor would fall apart, but it seems ok. Would love to see the clipper work for Chrome as soon as possible. Didn't realize how much I use it.
  2. Yes, I'm using Firefox 3 w/ gesso which gets it close. However, the TIP still doesn't show in the actual note itself. Anyway to get that activated?
  3. I ran a quick search, but didn't see if a WYSIWYG editor like TinyMCE is in order soon for the web version? MP
  4. I too have seen some serious latency issues at times in the Windows client. Though not as serious as to make it unusable by any stretch. Haven't really noticed what seems to be making it happen.
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