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  1. I have also noticed that Evernote sometimes has trouble (max cpu usage being once symptom) if left open while Vista sleeps. Sorry I can't be more specific yet - I'll try to come up with more details as time goes by.
  2. I noticed the same repeating "conflicting changes" problem that kept filling up the notebook and causing constant re-syncing. It's clearly a bug. What I did as a workaround was to close down Evernote and then delete the entire EN3 database. It lives in an "Evernote" directory in your My Documents folder (or just Documents on Vista). Once the database was deleted, I started EN3 again and sync'd down a new copy of the database.
  3. I know this doesn't directly address your question as far as Evernote is concerned, but it sounds as if you work with just one monitor. I know there are many factors (like money, space, etc) that prevent people from buying a second monitor, but if it's at all feasible you should get yourself at least a second monitor. In a work environment they pay for themselves very quickly in terms of increased productivity. This is especially true with Evernote, where you can have a full view of both it and your other application(s) without sacrificing any useful screen real estate. That said, having the option to pin EN to always be on top would be a nice feature, and should be trivial for the development team to implement.
  4. I couldn't resist the title! But seriously, what do people really like about the beta so far? For me, unsurprisingly, it's the easy capture from multiple sources and the 'available everywhere' notes, and the fact that there's lots more room for improvement on what is obviously an actively developed product. Methinks I've very much a member of the target demographic.
  5. In response to this, and as others have said, please read the Crisis of Confidence (http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=6039&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=25) thread where issues like this have been addressed. Specifically, dengberg, the CTO, posted this: Hope that helps... Maybe this thread can be killed off now!
  6. I'm not sure you can really say most people would use tags or that tags are required for browsing the web. Google seems to be doing quite well for itself using the search paradigm. There's a reason that the category-based listing of early Yahoo (et al) days fell under the sheer volume of info on the web. That said, I sure would love to see auto-tagging and the ability to properly organize our tags and searches implemented ASAP in Evernote 3b!
  7. +1 here. And once you get used to a program and start using keyboard shortcuts (eg F9 for sync), the toolbar icons become even less relevant. Vertical screen resolution is always at a premium for me, especially with the proliferation of widescreen monitors. Having big icons+text is a good default for new users, but the option to reduce the toolbar size would be nice as a minor feature.
  8. I think you're looking at the "Default" notebook. This is the notebook that will receive new notes that you create when you don't have a specific notebook selected ... for example, if email a note in to your account. It's sort of like an "Inbox" for notes. I've actually named my 'default' notebook as "--Inbox--". That way it appears at the top of the list and is easily recognizable as something other than a typical notebook.
  9. As others have said here, I think pretty much all the angst and FUD about whether or not all the 2.2 features will ever find their way into 3.0+ arise from three issues: 1) The fact that the 3.0b was released so very early. It's actually far more like an alpha that's been made (relatively) polished and stable. We could endlessly debate the pros and cons of whether or not such an early public preview was a good idea, though my personal belief is that in the long term it will prove to be a very good thing. The EN development team is getting all kinds of useful feedback - maybe even too much, but if it's properly filtered and prioritized we'll all win. 2) 3.0+ is clearly a new architecture, 'built from the ground up'. Any long-lived product eventually faces this massive hurdle, but when you want to go to multiple platforms, etc it's something that had to be done right away. That also means that some features need to be implemented differently, and will inevitably feel painful to experienced users. It's all too easy to forget that every feature-rich product has its clumsiness, including v2.2. We just get so used to doing things a certain way that the pain goes away. 3) The EN staff's (real or apparent) lack of response to the power users' concerns. I'm much more of a lurker than a poster, and it's been interesting to watch the tone of the prolific posters change over the last couple of months. It's gone from optimism and true appreciation that the product is in early beta, to a range of disappointment, disillusionment, anger, resignation, etc. Many of you seem to have forgotten that this is still an early beta. Dave Engberg has addressed some of the concerns lately in this thread, but it's really not anything different from what has been said all along. And that's OK! What's my point? Well, to the doom-and-gloomers out there: have patience. You haven't lost anything. When you do finally switch to version 3+ you'll only have gained. It may be that the specific set of power-user features that you're looking for may only be available in v3.2, or 3.5, but they will come.
  10. FYI: I have been getting the same errors for the last two updates (currently on 542) and haven't been able to synchronize from work (behind proxy too) since three versions ago.
  11. Current application functionality doesn't provide for this, but you could use a numbering system... 1. Zoology 2. Aardvarks 3. Marine Life Of course, that would get hard to maintain once you accumulate many notebooks.
  12. Along the same lines... With the 'notebook' paradigm I don't mind having only one database, but I really would like to be able to tell Evernote where to put that database (in the nicest possible sense ). I realize that by making the database location configurable you really are basically allowing more than one database, and it will open up a new can of "Evernote can't connect to the database" support worms - but that's not something you're not already dealing with with 2.2, methinks. Thanks.
  13. What version of the beta are you using? There is/was a problem where going offline pegged the cpu at 100% (other threads in this forum cover the issue) and I was also unable to close it using the methods you tried. This has apparently been fixed in v3.0.0.539.
  14. I can confirm this behaviour with v3.0.0.539 running on Vista Business with SP1. Switching to "work offline" mode ramps up CPU usage to max, indefinitely. Going back 'online' corrects the behaviour. Mine is a relatively small and simple notes database, with only 23 notes. With all the others experiencing something similar, I can't imagine it's a database-specific issue.
  15. +1 to the post above - I'm experiencing the same.
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