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  1. Too bad EN seems to be in shambles. I've lost faith in this product/brand. Started moving to DevonThink slowly and I think it's a great product. Been using EN since it actually was an ever note, remember the one long note concept? Unfortunately this product has pretty much rotted in the past few years as buggy release after buggy release was endured by loyal users. I'm not sure what malaise internally EN is suffering from, but at the end of the day a company like this is only as good as the products it puts out. Period. The rest is just BS. EN has languished with a terrible editor and generally a beta product for years. This app has improved little in the past 5 or 6 years. A proper mobile client on iOS has come too late for most of us. I'm pretty tolerant but even I have my limits! For EN to sit there for months with a broken login system on the clipper speaks volumes about the rot in this company. To add insult to injury EN has decided when the products just aren't reliable to change their pricing model! Wow, what arrogance and misguided policies will they dream up next? Instead of being so eager to take our money how about getting your priorities straight and deliver rock solid products with proper software testing before releasing your buggy garbage onto us. Oh, and how about responding promptly to major bugs like this login bug that has languished for months without any solutions. It's been fun EN. All the best. Hopefully their will be a shake down and you will survive what seems like some kind of meltdown. Anyhow, checkout out Devonthink. Very interesting product, actually zillions of times more powerful than EN.
  2. Still happening. Going on 2 months now. Still no fix. Filed a ticket. Not resolved. I definitely not going to renewing my subscription. This kind of customer service is not acceptable. Ok. I cancelled my auto renew. Looking into switching over to DevonThink.
  3. How long is this going to keep going on without a solution? This is getting rediculous. Does Evernote have anyone that knows how to troubleshoot this problem and get to the bottom of it? Hire a contractor who knows about oauth. How hard can it be?
  4. It's not just Safari. I have this in Chrome, and Firefox. Also, notice setting cookies to always allow is a violation of basic security. This should not be required to use this web clipper. It's never been required in the past.
  5. So is Evernote working on this issue? This issue is months old. Still no fix? This makes EN nearly useless as a web clipper. I'm having the problem on all the main browsers on a clean install of Sierra.
  6. Mine seems to log out right away. Maybe an hour. I started using google to sign in at least it doesn't ask me to 2 factor authenticate each time! Sure doesn't give me much confidence in this product. Currently this app is nearly useless. EN should refund our fee for as long as this bug remains unresolved. This has been happening for at least the past month now. I'm losing patience with this service.
  7. I'm having this issue on multiple machines 3 different browsers. I have 2 factor enabled. So this makes EN web clipping completely unusable. why is this taking so long to fix. It's happening on 2 MBPs one brand new in Chrome, Safari. I haven't really tested it in FF yet. I'm signing in to EN not the google login. I think I his problem started around the time google login was introduced.
  8. I'm having the same problem. It makes Evernote unusable for me. I'm having the problem in Safari and Chrome. This problem was first reported a month ago. What is taking so long to fix this issue?
  9. Code Blocks are currently useless. Hopefully you'll add syntax highlighting soon.
  10. Since I'm already paying for a Plus Membership I find it incredibly annoying being hounded constantly to go Premium. Please have some respect for already paying customers and stop spamming us.
  11. Personally, I've had enough of EN. I've dusted off a copy of Devonthink and wow. Instant clipping. No waiting forever for the web clipper. It's a mac app for real. It used by serious researchers and has a zillion features that EN doesn't have that make sense to my needs. It's not as cloud based out of the box, but I can live with a bit of configuring. I'm not enjoying EN. It's too flakey and the editor is just a hugely annoying piece of junk. I can't stand working in it. There are other options.
  12. I'm very displeased with the latest "upgrade" (used loosely) to Evernote, and I'm wondering how I would go about downgrading to 5.6.2? As somebody in this thread wrote earlier: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." Evernote was a wonderful application. Now, besides the very uncomfortable interface, my notes lag terribly on my one-week-old iMac. I did send a note into Support, and I did get a canned response stating that they've received the message. Something tells me I won't get much more than that. So, please...if there's a way I can go back to the earlier version of Evernote, I would appreciate instructions on how to do so. Thanks much. HI, sorry to get back so late. Please install AppCleaner. It's free and brilliant. Drop evernote in there. It will remove most everything. Download the old version. Do a search for downloading old EN versions for the mac. Install it and sign in. It will sync and you're done.
  13. Well I went back to 5.6.2 and looking at the latest bad updates I think I'll stick there for now. I think they should stop adding features and make the product work properly and get the interface right. Who dreams up adding chat to this app! The marketers are in charge. There's a zillion way better chat clients. Do one thing well, not a zillion things poorly. Just make this sh*t work for the love of god.
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