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  1. How long is this going to keep going on without a solution? This is getting rediculous. Does Evernote have anyone that knows how to troubleshoot this problem and get to the bottom of it? Hire a contractor who knows about oauth. How hard can it be?
  2. So is Evernote working on this issue? This issue is months old. Still no fix? This makes EN nearly useless as a web clipper. I'm having the problem on all the main browsers on a clean install of Sierra.
  3. Mine seems to log out right away. Maybe an hour. I started using google to sign in at least it doesn't ask me to 2 factor authenticate each time! Sure doesn't give me much confidence in this product. Currently this app is nearly useless. EN should refund our fee for as long as this bug remains unresolved. This has been happening for at least the past month now. I'm losing patience with this service.
  4. I'm having this issue on multiple machines 3 different browsers. I have 2 factor enabled. So this makes EN web clipping completely unusable. why is this taking so long to fix. It's happening on 2 MBPs one brand new in Chrome, Safari. I haven't really tested it in FF yet. I'm signing in to EN not the google login. I think I his problem started around the time google login was introduced.
  5. I'm having the same problem. It makes Evernote unusable for me. I'm having the problem in Safari and Chrome. This problem was first reported a month ago. What is taking so long to fix this issue?
  6. Code Blocks are currently useless. Hopefully you'll add syntax highlighting soon.
  7. The new version is so much improved. It has a hide toolbar feature which saves about an inch of screen space. The editor is way more responsible. I'm actually impressed with this release.
  8. You can do the following: 1) table border width 2) table alignment 3) cell background, 4) table border size and color No padding setting. But pretty amazing.
  9. I just tried the new table feature in the 5.6.0 beta for Mac and finally tables work. You can resize them. They don't jump all over the place. Also, resizing images is huge. Brilliant update.
  10. I have a good solution to this that's cross platform. Get yourself a copy of sublime text. (Other editors might be able to handle this too). Then install the package called sublimehighlight. Now, simply paste your snippet into sublime, set the appropriate language in sublime, reindent, and highlight, copy, paste into Evernote. I use the rich text option. Simple pimple. I just notice it has a setting to do line numbers too, but this would be a hassle if you want to copy and paste it out of EN. Sure it's not perfect, but compared to anything else including evercode http://vimeo.com/45097420 thi
  11. The weak support for tables is also driving me crazy. The suggestion to build your table in an outside application and copy and paste the output and dump the file in there is a decent enough work around. I think the issue with the bad editor on EN has to do with the fact that it's basically a web page that uses ancient web technology under the hood. To overcome this Evernote would have to actually write an editor, which is nearly impossible and will likely never happen given the complexity of doing so on all of the platforms involved. As long as your product is tied to underlying webkit, which
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