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  1. Hi, Just wanted to lend a voice. I am also interested in this. Thanks for any info, jttpost
  2. Just to clarify the current state of the Windows side (Evernote 3b).... You can create bullet lists, numbered lists. Current Windows Keystrokes Tab: indent Shift-tab: "outdent"
  3. This part seems fixed. I imported a new top file to the Windows client. Synced. It showed up ok in the web client. Thanks a lot I still have questions on this part...I don't believe I heard a response. I still have questions on this part also...I don't believe I heard a response. I tried this again. It still does not work. That is, I can email my imported digital ink notes from the Windows client. The email actually shows the note ok. I cannot email imported digital ink notes from the web client itself. The email still just says "Download ink". Thanks for any info, jttpost
  4. If "_" could be used as a special char in future builds, it would be fantastic. I personally would immediately shift all my old @ to _. For safety though. can we depend on it being a special char past beta? I personally agree with crane. "_" is a good start, but if there is some acceptable "group of chars" that can be made "special" without compromising the index performance, then that would be fantastic. In the meantime, if "_" is a new official special char, then I am personally going to use "_" with wild abandon when it is available in future builds. Thanks for all your help, Dave.
  5. Hi, Try: notebook:"notebookname" blah blah blah That is, surround the notebook name with double quotes. -jttpost
  6. More responses from Dave Engberg: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=6039&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=25#p22461 Everyone, I would suggest you definitely read the entire Crisis in Confidence thread. There is a suddenly a lot of dialogue over there.
  7. Hi all, Hmm. How can this thread be 94 posts long without one official response? (Not full answers necessarily, but at least some responses, and the start of a dialogue). That strikes me as... weird. I can understand not having all the concrete answers, or not wanting to make certain promises, etc. But not even one solitary post with any official word at all? Surely they can first decide if they are going to incorporate EN2.2 functionality (Phil's old post made it sound that way [from a certain point of view]). Hopefully they'd collaborate with users to try to prioritize it. If they're hesitant to incorporate, maybe we can successfully persuade them to pursue a high priority subset of EN2.2 functionality that would be most helpful to us. But since there is no response, then there is no dialogue. It's like talking to a wall, and people are starting to walk by and give us strange looks. ( I swear, someone was here a second ago! I was talking to him!) I am a relatively new user, but I learned from the forums quickly, and started on the road of a "power user". I am in no illusion of the Beta having "everything instantly". I would absolutely take a "wait and see" approach as an earlier poster said if someone official gave appropriate posts that justified the "wait" part. I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of needing (at least a decent part of) EN2.2 functionality. I truly believe it can be a win-win. They can get the larger market, while still making a solid product that is basic at first glance, but has sophisticated (optional) power behind it that "power users" can tap.
  8. iafanasyev, Just curious if there's any further progress on this issue. Please see my earlier post regarding my current problems. [in summary, Adesso .top files are still not displayed correctly on the web client, unless you do a "weird workaround".] Thanks for any info, jttpost
  9. Hmmm.... Several questions. (Please forgive me if I'm misunderstanding something.) Added same .top files to the Windows EN client. Let EN index the files locally, just in case. Indexing was successful. Then I clicked sync. It synced successfully. Initially it _still_ showed up as a blank thumbnail in the web client. Tried an experiment. I went back to the EN Windows client, and typed some footer text at the end of the digital ink note. Then I resynced again. Then I went back to the web client. Reloaded page. The thumbnail now looked right. Clicked on it, and I saw the full digital ink. 1) Is the digital ink supposed to show up with "no muss, no fuss" after a sync? Do we have to wait for indexing or something? If so, how long on average? I waited at least 12 hours to see... but those thumbnails didn't seem to display. (unless I did that experiment I just mentioned...adding some footer text to the note and forcing a resync) 2) If we do type words at the end of an imported digital ink page, what happens to those words? Are any of them used for indexing the digital note? I don't see them in the web client. In the windows client, I can see them, and I believe I can use them as additional keywords to my note searching. That's how I used them before...I tag the digital ink note as I see fit with normal tags, but if I had additional comments, I just wrote them at the footer. The "first footer line" seems to be used automatically as the "title of the digital ink note." So that is seen by the web client, and apparently used in the indexing (because my web client searches seem to work on the title). Everything else I typed in the footer seems to be lost (when I try to search for them). 3) When you search in the web client, is it supposed to highlight the words in yellow (for imported top files)? In images and text notes it seems to highlight ok. In the digital ink notes I have, the web client seems to find the notes, but doesn't highlight anything. 4)I _can_ email from within the Windows EN client. It brings up a new email window with the digital ink displayed, and I can then send it. When I receive it, the digital ink shows up ok. I emailed a digital ink note from within the _web_ client (an ink note that actually showed up ok in the web client). However, when I received it, all it had was a link that said "Download ink" Thanks for any info.
  10. Fantastic! Thanks so much. I will try more experiments soon. Thanks, jttpost
  11. ????? what??????? FANTASTIC! That would be great. Best of luck to you all with your work.
  12. Absolutely agree regarding "special characters". I use @whatever all over the place (mostly after reading the EN experts in the forums and mimicking them). It's quite useful. Even if that was left as the "default behavior" (to not allow the special chars), surely there must be a way to "escape the special character" to say "hey EN, I really really really (no really) want to match exactly what I'm saying, including special chars". If any of our (EN user) brothers and sisters are out there, please.... help a brother out. Join us... and together.. we will rule the... well,... just join us please.
  13. Great idea. I checked the notes. http://evernote.com/about/support/release_notes/ Seems like the Aiptek fix was in v. Import and Export * Fixed conversion of ink notes from Apitek tablets. I'm using (after that fix), so I think this is still an issue (for us anyway).
  14. Opera.... that would be fantastic. Please add if at all possible. Thanks.
  15. Hmm...I'm glad dlambert had the same issue. That gives me hope that it's not just me. To clarify, if I create a new note, change mode to "digital ink mode", and then manually "write some text", that shows up ok in Evernote 3b windows client ( . I then sync it, and it shows up ok on the web site also. I can also search it via the web site or via the Windows client, and that digital ink text is recognized ok. It's the "Adesso top" files that seem to be an issue. I drag the files into Evernote 3b fine. They show up fine. I can search them within Windows client ok. But when I sync to the web, it seems to load a "corrupted note" (for lack of a better term). This corrupted note has a blank thumbnail. You click on the corrupted note, and instead of showing you the note, it just shown a "Download ink" link. I guess I thought by dragging into Evernote 3b I was "converting" the digital ink at that point, so whatever I was uploading was something Evernote web could handle. But it seems like Evernote web is saying "I can't display this, so I'll just let the user click a link to download it". I'll keep experimenting, but if anyone has ideas (or similar experiences), please join the thread. The water's fine.
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