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  1. "No wonder the doctor cannot use EN3... he will not take pictures of his patients ID.... he is interested in diagnosing, symptoms, ilnesses, relating some findings, so many data that does not fit into EN3 but does in 2.2.1 (lots of stuf will come from the web in his research but the WORDS to search that stuf are simply not enough to recall what he needs when he needs it!!!!)" right on target; my tag system is very complicated and I use the category intersection a lot. I really thing about EN 2.2 as a tool for work more than anything else. I believed in this thing and put a lot of my time in it.
  2. I am a doctor and I being using 2.2 for some time now. It helped me collect medical and personal info, organize it and find it when I needed. I strongly recommeneded it to my colleagues. I tried 3.0 but I have to agree with most of you that I missed the features in older version. I also feel a bitter taste using a soft which would not be updated. 3.0 is not exactly what I am lokking for.
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