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  1. Hey Evernote people, We all know that note links have been on the roadmap since just about forever. If I could have note links, Evernote would literally be the only notetaking tool I need; right now, I rely on a hodgepodge of Evernote, OneNote, and Tomboy Notes. This isn't real note linking, but how about allowing magic links to searches, using wiki-like syntax? If I surround a phrase with double square brackets, it should immediately convert into a specially-marked link that, when clicked, would run a special search in Evernote. If, capitalization aside, there is exactly one note by that title, it immediately opens that note; otherwise, it opens the search results with, at the top, an option to create a note by that exact name. That's all I need, and it eliminates all the complexity of trying to make note links stable. If I change a note title, I break a link; so be it, links are fragile. Links have to show the note name; so be it, it's much better than nothing, and if that's a real problem, then just let there be arbitrary EverSearch links with text different from target. Register the evernote:// handler to either search all notebooks for the query, allow a syntax to search a specific notebook, and allow another special syntax to search someone else's shared notebook, and note links can be implemented with very little extra mechanism. This is basically a ripoff of the Tomboy Notes approach, except without automatically converting every instance of a note title to a link, which is impractical on Very Large notebases where I probably don't want links to highly disparate topics. --Windrider
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