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  1. Same here. Dissappointing that I can't use Evernote to it's fullest potential.
  2. Thanks. No such option in my AT&T Atrix. Apparently I have to root it, first. I used the SideloadWonderMachine instead and that took care of it. ~Sent from my mobile phone using Tapatalk
  3. An on-topic question... I've owned an Android phone for only the past couple of weeks. Since the Android preview isn't an official, approved app., my phone rejects it. Do I have to use one of the sideload apps and sneak it in? Thanks.
  4. Yeah. Arbor = tree. Just say tree for gosh sakes. Unless tree is too mundane a word for something as awesome as Evernote.
  5. minkowski, You need to be a little more specific. Simply stating "It happens now and then that I lose data," tells us nothing. What data have you lost? A single note? Mulitple notes? Entire notebooks? Under what condition do you lose data? During a sync? During desktop usage? During web usage? Can you recreate the problem? Effective troubleshooting can be tedious and requires discipline. If you can't describe and define it, you can't fix it.
  6. Through the transition from 2.2 to the current version and many betas in between, I've never lost a note. The few times I had to contact tech support they responded quickly and professionally.
  7. Now you've done it. I'll bet that by the end of the week you have over 200 pudding cups in a variety of flavors. The good thing that since they're not really food they'll never go bad. (Headed out to the grocery store right now.)
  8. Being moderately dyslexic and having wrestled many "typo" monsters in my time I'm probably enjoying your posts more than I should. Thanks again for the honesty.
  9. Yikes. That explains why I was still able to synch but couldn't get to the forum or blog. Thanks for the details and good luck redefining all the failure modes. :mrgreen:
  10. Some of the "apps" are for sale. Evernote may not be selling them but they are being sold through an Evernote conduit. A minor point perhaps and certainly not a big deal but lets not get lost in the hype.
  11. It's just another app store. Some apps are free and some aren't. No big deal.
  12. Twisting someone else's argument and replying to the twist doesn't really help your story. Perhaps you should start a How I use Evernote thread. I'm serious. Once others see, in detail, how you manage your notes, it might be dead obvious why you're convinced flat tags are sufficient to do anything anyone would ever need to do in Evernote. For my part, I'll continue to drive due west (even though I'm not afraid of flying), and use EN2.2. From what I've seen of 3.5 the only thing I'm missing is the ability to see pdfs inline.
  13. People aren't saying that you can't achieve the same end result with tags. They're saying that being limited to a flat file is a major pain. Let me try a different analogy. Let's say I need to be in Birmingham next week for a meeting. I can get to Birmingham from Atlanta by driving due west on I20. It's about 150 miles. I can also get to Birmingham from Atlanta by first driving to Chicago then to Birmingham. That's about 1,500 miles. The end result is the same; I end up in Birmingham. Does that mean that the two routes are equivalent?
  14. Just because you can perform a certain action with a certain tool doesn't mean it's the best tool for every job. I can join two boards together with a hammer and some nails. Does that mean that a hammer and nails are the best and only way to join any two objects together?
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