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  1. For me offline notebook sync works perfectly fine again with the new stable release. (It was failing in the previous stable release.)
  2. Oh, guys, I sooo feel your pain. I am too frustrated with all the "new" features (which we don't necessarily need) and braking things that we really started to rely on. I became premium user mainly to be able to do offline sync (I am without a data plan and many times without WiFi connection). Unfortunatelly, offline sync stopped working for me in recent versions... I wonder how many "new" features will we get before they fix this issue. (I wrote to EN support and they quickly replied. Thank you for that. They confirmed it is EN bug and they filled an internal ticket for their QA team. Hopefully, EN team will start working on it soon...)
  3. I am too having problems with sync. In my case EN v4.2.1 always fails trying to do offline sync. Offline sync used to work just fine a while ago, but I guess it is one of the recent updates that broke it.
  4. First of all, I have to say that I principle like the new UI design. It looks modern, polished, more eye-catching than previous versions. But, I really do not like to be abused as a beta tester, if I don't deliberately choose to be. I am premium subscriber and I am really annoyed when EN pushes out "Release" version which seems to be actually a beta version. There are so many bugs that EN just couldn't miss if they really did some internal testing. It is reassuring to hear "We are working on the issue...", but not at the same time when you push out "Release" version. If you know you have still some issues to iron out, please let us know this at least with a note "Know issues" before we decide to "upgrade" to the next "Release" version.
  5. Just enable screen lock (password, pin, pattern) which is anyway good practice.
  6. The method works perfectly fine. However, with few little gotchas. 1.) You have to kill Evernote (maybe even get rid of EN widget) to be able to unmount the volume 2.) If the volume is unmounted, mount it first before starting Evernote.
  7. I completely agree with OrganisedSid. I carefully selecte the widgets (most of them offering some transparency option) that they match the concept of my beautiful home screen. Unfortunately, I must skip Evernote widget, because I find it too aggressive. I would appreciate tremendously if Evernote would also offer more styling options with their widget.
  8. I finally found a way/workaround to encrypt ALL Evernote notes on my Android and I thought some one here might find it interesting. My experiment is possible using excellent LUKS Manager. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nemesis2.luksmanager&hl=en So, first I deleted my complete Evernote folder on SD-card. Then I created encrypted volume using LUKS Manager and selected SDcard/Evernote as a mount point. After restarting Evernote App it noticed that the SDcard has changed. I just selected an option to recreate my entire account profile. All my subsequent tests showed that there are no problems. Offline notes also work great. And there is no noticeable lag because of the 256-bit AES encryption. Now I am finally happy and calm carrying around my Android with all me personal notes knowing that if I loose or some one steals my phone I don't have to worry. At least about the content on the phone. Regards, ~Aleš
  9. Please, EN, please do implement selectable offline storage folder path. My main motivation is to be able to point EN to encrypted folder on my SD card. I understand that this represents problem with EN widgets, but I really don't need or use EN widgets. I keep some private data in EN notes and I would be really happy to keep them private even if my phone gets stolen or lost. (I would gladly pay 2x premium subscription fee if you implement this.)
  10. Yeah, exactly! That's why I would like to see an option to move EN database in encrypted container, thus preventing someone to browse through my private notes by just inserting an SD-card in his PC and viewing the notes with XML viewer/editor. I understand that this would prevent us using EN widget, but IMO this is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  11. I am definitely grateful for offline notebooks and offline search. However, I do share with OP privacy concerns with my notes being available basically in full to anybody who could get his hands on my stolen/lost Android device. I am protecting a lot of my data that needs to be kept private in encrypted containers using LUKSmanager app: http://nemesis2.qx.n...ges/LUKSManager But currently EN database is stored in default, non-encrypted location. I would be super grateful if Evernote can give us an option to move a database to user-selected (encrypted) location. Evernote Android team, can you please share your thoughts about going in this direction? Thank you! Kind regards, ~ Ales
  12. Yeah, it would be really great to see Dolphin HD Webclipper for Evernote. Please give us an option to clip just a part or the whole page.
  13. Hm, I have always had 167 DPI, but never noticed tablet view on Android phone client. However, please let us know if you find some hidden setting to reenable that option. :-) Thanks!
  14. Too bad that these problems with editing notes on Android are still present. Because of that I only use Evernote on Android in view mode for now. However, I do believe that the Evernote Android team will come up with reliable client, even though my feeling is that it might still take a while...
  15. Uau, that's great discovery. Too bad, though, that it doesn't work anymore. However, I would be happy to see this option reenabled. BTW, I am also running Android on my phone having 4.3" display (Androidified HTC HD2). @execute_method: What was your custom DPI setting?
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