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  1. I've found Kustom Note to be slow and clunky compared to the direct entry of desktop Evernote. Sure, the notes aren't as pretty, but the time it takes to navigate through the Kustom Note system isn't time I've got to waste. Perhaps the local version of the application they talk about will run at a tolerable speed.
  2. I get nothing when I click on the link at the top of the thread: http://db.tt/0mrbg5T6 Is there an updated link? I'd really like to read May's article given the high marks it's gotten here... Thanks, Dave
  3. Disregard, found the option under Tools/Clipping Preferences.
  4. When I click the "Add to Evernote 4" button in my Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 I get a dialog box with a default notebook selected as the target for the clip. I can change the target notebook from the pull down, but what I want to do is change the notebook that comes up in the default position on the dialog box. For example, I press the Add to Evernote 4 button and the dialog box appears., At the bottom of the dialog box the notebook "Dave's Notebook" is pre-selected. I want the notebook "Actions Pending" to be pre-selected. How can I accomplish this? My Evernote default notebook, by the way, is "Actions Pending." Disabling the Evernote.Outlook add-in under the Com Add-Ins dialog box of the Trus Center and re-enabling it after an Outlook shut down and restart does not reset the dialog box default to my Evernote default notebook, nor does stopping and restarting Evernote. Thanks, Dave
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