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  1. An app delete/reinstall did seem to fix the note switching issue and a few other bugs I had. Not thrilled with this release but it's at least minimally usable while things sort out. Thanks!
  2. Yes I also get that flash. I mean selecting a note from the note list. It works a few times and then I'm frozen on the current note. Shortly after that the app itself usually just crashes. I am on 10.0.2. Will try to fresh reinstall.
  3. Among all the other bugs in this release, I can’t switch between notes on my iPad 10. I can switch notes maybe once or twice before the app freezes. If I try to open a PDF attachment it usually doesn’t load and that immediately triggers the switch note freeze. Great release guys.
  4. The new update is slow slow slow. Switching between notes has a major lag to show the new content. This is a major usability problem.
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