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  1. I have been a keen supporter of ink input into Evernote, including use of Genius paper based tablets, Eee Note, and some Toshiba Protégé. I also use Nevernote on Linux for text editing ... I could go on. I now have a DELL Latitude 10 with a wacom stylus, and have switched to almost entirely to One Note because the inking experience in the windows 8 desktop of Evernote has been so bad. Some recent updates have made it better, but there are a couple of fundamental issues. 1) There doesn't appear to be a method to turn off the capacitive touch for inking. I only use a stylus, so I'm often getting extra marks from my palm from when the stylus comes cine and out of the "tracking field" of the screen. I also like to use my finger to scroll through my typically long ink notes 2) There is no eraser tool, just the cut. Some other features of OneNote have caught up with Evernote. The skydrive web app is quite usable and the android and ios apps also give me good access to my notes. I would rather go back to a complete Evernote life, but the lack of decent inking on Windows is really what is holdings me back.
  2. I have a DELL Latitude 10, and the OneNote 2013 application is absolutely amazing. I had been using an EA800 (ASUS Eee Note), but it became useless when the OAuth API became the only way to upload notes (and ASUS stopped supporting it). I have installed the latest Desktop Evernote app, and the inking is quote poor. The rendering speed is slow, and the inability to distinguish between finger and pen leaves a lot of palm splotches. I also tried to use the Import OneNote sectiom feature of EverNote, but it just caused both applications to crash.
  3. Gidday there, I'm trying to coordinate our home grocery list with my wife (a free subscriber) by sharing a notebook and allowing her to modify notes within it. However, no matter how I try, whenever she makes an addition to a note, it gets marked as a conflict and the whole note gets uglified with many copies of the same data. For example, I create a note in android. Then my wife adds a couple of items to the note, even though I'm not editing it, nor viewing it at that time, a conflict is noted. I tried to clean up the note in the web editor (because the android version doesn't allow me to select multiple checkboxed items or multiple lines in a bulleted list) and then made sure that none of my devices were looking at the note, and still the smallest modification by my wife leads to a 'conflicted' note. What is the correct procedure to get multiple people to edit a single note without all this conflict business? I mean, besides switching to google docs?
  4. I'm in. I'm not a student but an engineer, and as I'm figuring things out, it would be great to type formulae in those computers that don't have a stylus. Joshua
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