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  1. I have been a keen supporter of ink input into Evernote, including use of Genius paper based tablets, Eee Note, and some Toshiba Protégé. I also use Nevernote on Linux for text editing ... I could go on. I now have a DELL Latitude 10 with a wacom stylus, and have switched to almost entirely to One Note because the inking experience in the windows 8 desktop of Evernote has been so bad. Some recent updates have made it better, but there are a couple of fundamental issues. 1) There doesn't appear to be a method to turn off the capacitive touch for inking. I only use a stylus, so I'm often get
  2. I have a DELL Latitude 10, and the OneNote 2013 application is absolutely amazing. I had been using an EA800 (ASUS Eee Note), but it became useless when the OAuth API became the only way to upload notes (and ASUS stopped supporting it). I have installed the latest Desktop Evernote app, and the inking is quote poor. The rendering speed is slow, and the inability to distinguish between finger and pen leaves a lot of palm splotches. I also tried to use the Import OneNote sectiom feature of EverNote, but it just caused both applications to crash.
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