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  1. Here is the behavior I witness: Press win A, gives error advice window But Press Ctrl-C, Ctrl- V does add selected item to Evernote. However, the Evernote application does not display the captured item. Leaves user flying blind. If I have to, I'll fly blind, sobeit but I really want this work flow to be implemented so anything I tag is immediately displayed in my list view so I can add tags. I found if I disabled my virus guard software (system Mechanic). The Win A capture method works as usual, but I am not about to shut off my virus protection. Final note, When the WinA key placed a captured object in Evernote it always opened in a window that gave me no way to add tags. I would have to switch to a list view (search) of all Everhote entries and then tag my capture. The work flow should be examined and better thought out. It seemed so obvious to me that anything captured should give me the tools I need to tag it right there and then.
  2. This problem started happening to me after the most recent updae a few days ago. Also note that the selected text shows up in my Microsoft Word list of keyboard selected text. The problem is somethin prevent the selection from getting routed to Evernote. This keyboard shortkut is vital to my workflow methods. If I do the shortcut twice I get different error notifications.
  3. I am using version Just requested update and get a reply that I have the latest version.
  4. I follow the microsoft procedure for copying files to a CD and everything seems to work OK. But, the database file copied to the CD will not open. Error message is "File Access denied" http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306524 I'm not sure about the ENI, ENL, and ENR, files. Do I need these ?
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