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  1. If it is not the same as the saved search, then I think the highlighting should be removed. Alternatively, the highlighting on the saved search item should change so as to indicate that the saved search has been modified.
  2. You ask what should trigger the saved search highlighting to end. I would suggest that the highlighting would end when another saved search is selected or when the current saved search ceases to be used. As long as the saved search is being used, the highlighting should remain on it, even when the focus changes to the note.
  3. You are not misunderstanding. This the box I get as well. My point is that this highlighting is not as visible as the solid highlighting on individual notes. The highlighting of the saved search also disappears entirely if you select a note, and I think this behaviour is undesirable. Hence my request for solid highlighting on both the saved search and the individual note.
  4. I very much appreciate the ability to have saved searches appear in the left hand bar, but I think the highlighting of the selected search could be improved. When you select a saved search in the bar, the highlighting consists only of a thin line round the edge. It would be better, to my mind, if the blue highlighting on individual notes was also used to highlight the saved search. Once the saved search has been selected, the highlighting should remain in place, even when you have gone on to select an individual note. It would then be crystal clear as to which saved search had been used and wh
  5. The new Ctrl-Q search works very well, but I think it would be better if its scope were automatically extended to All Notes. If you use a Ctrl-Q search from a subset of Notes, it will search on that subset. Given that Ctrl-Q's natural scope is All Notes, it is awkward to have to select All Notes before carrying out a Ctrl-Q search. If you do want to do a search on a subset of notes, the general search function works well enough.
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