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  1. A linux client would be nice, but evernote web is certainly usable under linux. I haven't tried using to run it yet.
  2. I was able to log on using Opera Mini, so the problem is definately the cheap browser that comes with the Rumor2. BTW evernote for mobile is awesome.
  3. Can't find an option to turn on cookies. But I think it stores them fine...I'm able to use other sites.
  4. I can't access Evernote mobile web with my LG Rumor2 on Sprint. I can enter my username and password, I get a screen with a link that says "Enter", I click it and it kicks me back out to the login screen. This isn't too critical, as I can still email notes to web notebook, but it'd be nice if i could access them with my phone.
  5. ...to search for all notes created since a certain date? Or is there a search cheatsheet somewhere?
  6. Huh? :? I think you just have to accept that there are going to be "quirks". It is an early public beta after all. The latest update is much better, and I kind of felt like you before it.
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