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  1. Never mind, this was caused from lack of disk space. I'm using a sparse bundle to encrypt the evernote database and the volume mounted within it ran out of space. I simply increased the size through Disk Utility. Thanks.
  2. I started getting this error for no apparent reason (using Version 2.0.5 (130391)), now I cannot sync, here is the message: Sync failure: unable to save data Syncronization failed because Evernote was unable to save the downloaded data to disk. any thoughts?
  3. Just attempted to upgrade Evernote, after a relaunch it prompted me with a "Database Upgrade Required" prompt, I said yes, and about a quarter through it said "Database Upgrade Failed". I don't know what to do now.
  4. An entire page was added to Evernote as a webarchive when I clicked the elephant button in my Safari browser, but on another page I did the same thing and it didn't save the page as a webarchive, but saved it as html in EN. What does EN do to decide to save as a webarchive vs. html? What if I want to always save it as a webarchive?
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