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  1. Two problems with Safari 12.0 and MacOS 12.13.6.  I hope I'm not alone with these issues and that someone can suggest solutions.

    1.  Using 'Clip to Evernote' no longer works with Gmail messages.  Instead of the message being clipped I just get a message 'Undefined' showing a checked checkbox which reads 'Select All Messages'.

    2.  YouTube 'Clip to Evernote' always produces a YouTube video title which has a number in brackets in front of it - such as '(5) My Clip from YouTube'.  This is not new and has been happening for a long time.


  2. That sound great to me Brooks.

    I'm on the Mac, OS X 10.8 and 10.7 on another machine.

    Thanks for the offer, and I hope you can manage it .. it would be great, at least until Evernote solve the PDF OCR search problem.

    And thanks again for DocumentSnap - it's a great paperless resource.

    Hi pipkato, thanks for your kind words re: DocumentSnap! Are you on Mac or Windows? I might be able to come up with a workflow where the ScanSnap OCR runs in the background, and then puts it in Evernote. Then you'd get a best of both worlds sort of deal.

  3. Hello Andy.

    Thanks for mentioning ScanSnap's OCR. It works for me too.

    But I came to this whole 'paperless office' adventure through Brooks Duncan's excellent DocumenSnap website, and, if I remember correctly (it's many months ago now) his advice was to use Evernote's OCR to avoid having to wait for each ScanSnap document scan to be OCRed. Using Evernote's PDF OCR should theoretically allow continuous scanning, while Evernote applies its OCR in the background. And, it does work in a kind of a way. But as my original post pointed out it is completely unreliable. And despite Evernote being aware of the issue, and having issued many updates since I raised it with them, they can't seem to solve the problem.

    With Evernote so excellent in many other areas, I'm puzzled by this long-standing issue. Non-PDF clippings search works perfectly for me. But, since I got my ScanSnap setup specifically for going paperless with Evernote Premium, I'm reluctant to end up going back to the slower (but effective) ScanSnap OCR.

    I hope repeated complaints from users like us can eventually persuade Evernote to resolve the issue, or, at least, explain why they can't.

  4. Thanks Adam.

    From Evernote:

    Ticket # 16051-80087

    Dear Roy,

    The PDF highlighting not aligning is currently a known issue that is being investigated. We appreciate you reporting this to us.

    From user: May 10th

    icoco has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "BUG: Evernote not highlighting text in PDF search results".


    I have the same request. I'd certainly expect to have text or passages highlighted when performing a search in any document. This should apply to PDF documents, too. Evernote seems to find the PDF document that contains the search term, but doesn't mark the text or passage. Which mostly is quite cumbersome, especially regarding long documents like manuals etc.

    Please, Evernote folks, do something about that issue.


  5. I'm a big fan of Evernote in general and I'm using the Premium version of Evernote for some time now with a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500. I had great dreams of using the Evernote 'searchable PDF' option to scan in all my paper and find stuff using text search when needed.

    But, despite numerous promises, Evernote have failed to deliver a PDF search that reliably highlights the searched text in the search results.

    Usually I end up with one result (the first, as a rule) with correctly highlighted text, and the rest of the list either have no highlighted results, or can have all kinds of random highlight spots, often on totally blank areas.

    Evernote have been aware of this problem for many months now, but it has not been addressed in any of their updates.

    I'm very disappointed and frustrated by this 'Evernote Premium' behaviour.

  6. I've recently begun using the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 scanner which includes the option to 'Scan directly to Evernote'.

    I'm having some problems with my Evernote PDF text searches. These are standard personal letters, documents, and stuff scanned with 'Scan Directly to Evernote' and I have deselected the Fujitsu ScanSnap option to 'create a searchable PDF', leaving it to Evernote to do the OCR.

    Scanning is fine and the scanned documents appear in Evernote, and a short time later are 'searchable PDFs'. I've checked some of these by saving them and almost all the text is OCR'd fine.

    But when I 'Search' Evernote on my Mac for specific text that I know is in some of those scanned documents, Evernote usually highlights the 'Search' word(s) in White against a 'Grey' document background on the first document in the list. But the rest of the documents will usually show just some empty white boxes, often at the end of the document. The 'found' documents all seem to be valid results containing the 'Search' criteria.

    Evernote does not seem to know where the 'Search' words are in the other documents.

    I'm using Evernote 3.0.6 on my iMac and Mac Pro (10.7.3) and all software is up-to-date.

    Anyone else with this issue, or even better, with a solution?


  7. Thanks Dave,

    The website is a UK online retailer 'www.svp.co.uk'. I'm using Safari and the Evernote clip link is in my Bookmarks bar, so I presume it's the 'bookmarklet' clipper. It works fine for almost everything else, although I have noticed the occasional '?' symbol in missing graphics.

    BTW I'm not sure if it's possible but I'd love to see the option in the window that appears to 1) Change/Modify the name of the note and 2) Have an option for the notebook to remain the 'last clipped-to notebook'. It would also be nice if the window was floating, and when doing a long series of separate clippings, to be able to set it up with some partial text to be 'completed' with each clipping.



    What sort of web site are you trying to clip?

    Are you clipping using the Evernote clipper in the Mac MenuBar (Paste to Evernote), or are you using the "bookmarklet" clipper in your browser's bookmark bar?

  8. I accidentally added some extremely large notes (big JPGs) and sent my monthly usage over the 75% and into the red zone.

    When I got the warning about approaching my monthly limit I immediately deleted the offending notes. That was days ago and my usage meter continues to show me well into the red, whereas I estimate I should be down around 30%. BTW I did 'Empty Trash' after I deleted. I'm running the latest version for the Mac.

    Anyone have any idea what the problem is? Can it be fixed?


  9. Is there a method to add a link to individual Evernote 'notes' within documents in Apple Pages and TextEdit.

    I'm working on a document which in some cases references a note in an Evernote Notebook. I want to put a link to that note in my document so that clicking on it will open the specific document in Evernote. This is just for my personal use, so that while working on my Pages or TextEdit document I can review my Evernote material immediately, and without having to do a Search in Evernote.

    Is this possible?


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