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  1. Thank you, you were both right, I was logging in with the wrong user id, it's all sorted now, phew!
  2. Thank you but that is not the case. All I can think of is that as I dropped my old phone as a device (which I can't access as it's damaged), and I hadn't downloaded the app onto my tablet, my new phone has nothing to sync with, therefore no data. Is there any way of retrieving the information from the Evernote servers?
  3. Last week I changed phones and unfortunately when I downloaded the Evernote app I dropped the wrong device so all my infomation is gone. Originally I had Evenote set up on my phone (Samsung SM-J530F) and my tablet (Samsung SM-J330F) . A couple of weeks ago my husband did a factory reset on the tablet and I had forgotten I hadn't downloaded the Evenote app again. So when I changed my phone last week and downloaded the Evernote app on my new phone (Samsung SM-A105FN), I dropped my old phone from the app without thinking that no info
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